Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday Movie Musings - Sherlock

So I've been listening to my non-US-based friends go on and on and ON about the new BBC version of the Sherlock Holmes story, SHERLOCK. Of course, it wasn't showing in the US yet, so I was sadly left out of the squeeing and raving and cheering.

Until now. Thankfully, PBS's Masterpiece Mystery series has imported the Brit hit, and I'm thrilled that they did! The first episode, A Touch Of Pink, aired a week ago, and I LOVED it. Absolutely loved it. The second episode is currently waiting on my DVR for an uninterrupted hour-plus to sit down and enjoy.

Because really, this isn't a show you can watch with half an eye. There's so much there - so much crackling dialogue, so much interplay between Sherlock and Watson, so much detail that could be missed if you're not watching full-on. It's entertaining, intriguing, snappy, amusing, modern, yet not ignoring the grand history of Sherlock Holmes. The actors are exceptionally talented, the scripts are instantly quote-worthy, and the mystery is challenging enough to keep the viewer hooked.

I'm so glad Sherlock made it across the pond. Yet another BBC import to adore!


notoriouslyunique said...

So glad you're finally getting to watch it :)

Maia Strong said...

The hubs and I watched the first two eps via the intarwebs the other night. I enjoyed part one more than part two, but I still thought they were both a great ride. Looking forward to the third one!

Kate Davies said...

I've heard the third ep is the best of the three, so I'm very excited to watch it. :)