Thursday, December 23, 2010

the DH's Thursday Thirteen - 13 Guitars I'd Love To Own

The DH's list of 13 Guitars he'd love to own, AKA Kate's last-minute Christmas shopping list if we win the lottery tonight.

1. Brazilian rosewood Martin D-28, any year.

2. Shell Pink Fender Stratocaster.

3. Pelham Blue Gibson SG

4. Martin OM-28V.

5. Gibson Mike Bloomfield Les Paul

6. Rickenbacker Roger McGuinn 370-12

7. Martin D-18 Golden Era

8. Gretsch 6120.

9. Taylor 814 CE.

10. National Resonator Duolian

11. Tom Anderson Cobra

12. Fender Nocaster Reissue

13. Martin D-42 or D-45

1 comment:

Maia Strong said...

#2 reminds me of one of the many Nanci Griffith concerts the hubs and I went to. This one involved The Crickets (as in Buddy Holly and the). One played a Fender Stratocaster, and Nanci told the story about asking him to play for an album or something, and him saying words to the effect of "You're no better than West Texas trailer trash. It wouldn't hurt you to get off your high horse and learn to play one, yourself." Said with affection, of course. ;) So, naturally, that's what she did!