Monday, December 06, 2010

Monday Movie Musings - The Man Who Came to Dinner

This month, I'm going to spend Mondays focusing on my favorite holiday films. (Seems appropriate, no?)

I'm kicking things off with one that is full of sparkling dialogue, great characters, and a fun story. The Man Who Came To Dinner originated as a stage play, and it shows - in a good way. When radio personality Sheridan Whiteside slips on the steps and injures himself, he ends up convalescing at the owners's home and taking it over completely. There are celebrities, resident nurses, a mummy case, penguins, and hijinks galore. It's smart and funny and snarky and sweet, and I love it.

The cast is amazing, too - Bette Davis, Billie Burke, Monty Wooley, Ann Sheridan, Jimmy Durante... not an off note in any performance. Just delightful.

I highly recommend it!

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