Thursday, December 16, 2010

Inspiration Friday - Flat Daddies (and Mommies)

Last night, I went to a choir concert at one of the kids' schools. (It was one of three concerts - plus a play - yesterday, which made for a busy but enjoyable day.) Around the time the concert was starting and the kids were filing in, a woman a few rows up hauled out a big cardboard cut-out and set it in the middle aisle, blocking a good half of the space next to her.

All I could see was the white back of the cut-out, which stood about waist-high. I also wondered (a little irritated) why she put it there, blocking the aisle and potentially the view of shorter audience members behind us.

Then, about halfway through the concert, I saw the front of the cardboard. It was a life-size, waist-up picture of a man in a navy uniform.

It was my first encounter with a Flat Daddy.

I was touched - and humbled - by the knowledge that for some child in the concert, daddy was able to be there, no matter how far away he is. So for me, today, the men and women who serve are my Inspiration. And so are the families who carry on at home.

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