Saturday, February 05, 2011

I Need A Better Story!

So, earlier this week I broke my nose.

(If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you probably already knew this.)

It was a stupid accident - I tripped and fell into some concrete stairs. I'm very lucky that it was only my nose that was injured, and in a few weeks I should be as good as new.

But the story of how it happened? Boring. Pedestrian. The opposite of interesting.

I need a better story.

I've gotten some good suggestions so far:

1. Cage fighting

2. Interrupted a jewelry heist

3. Saved an elderly woman from a mugging

But I want more! So that's where you come in. Post your best "how Kate broke her nose" story in the comments, and I'll choose a winner. Contest runs through Monday Feb 7 at 11:59 pm, PST. Prize to be announced!

So get creative, and good luck!


Notoriouslyunique said...

You were saving a group of hikers from a bear attack...

Being Carrie said...

You were on the steps to your daughters school when you saw a bus filled with small children and driven by a nun, lose it's brakes and start to careen out of control down the hillside. You jumped in your car and sped after it and managed to get ahead of it. You got in it's path and slammed on your brakes. When the bus smashed into the back of your car, the airbag hit your nose and broke did stop the bus and saved the day.

Maia Strong said...

It was a snowy night in Yellow Knife and you were on high alert. The Snowshoe Bandit had been at it all week and you were determined to catch him this time, even though you would much rather have been inside next to the roaring fire with your faithful Akita, Naknek, and a big mug of cocoa with miniature marshmallows.

Suddenly, in the light of the McDonald’s snowmobile drive-thru, you spotted him. You leapt from your perch atop the golden arches, tackling your foe to the snow-covered street. He was quick, but you were ready. Only bad fortune and an inconvenient patch of ice gave him that split second to bring the butt of his extendable ski-pole around. It connected with your goggles and rebounded into your nose—crack! Momentarily stunned, but ever determined, you blocked his next swing with your polymer ice-axe, twisted his weapon from his hands, and pinned him against the drive-thru window.

“I’ll have an order of justice to go,” you said with a satisfied snarl.

The girl inside called 911, and soon the police arrived. “Thank you, Kate,” said the arresting officer. “We’d be after this guy until spring if it weren’t for you.”

Ever humble, you brushed off his thanks. “Just doing my duty as a responsible citizen.” The police thanked you again, and drove off with the Snowshoe Bandit safely in custody at last. Just another night in the life of Kate Davies, Superhero.

(Clearly the coffee kicked in fast this morning. I should go work on one of my manuscripts while it lasts.)

flchen1 said...

Ouch, Kate!

OK, hmm... alternate explanations?

- You sneezed. Really hard.
And grabbed a brick masquerading as a box of tissue off the counter.

- You'd just sat down outside your workplace to enjoy your morning coffee and fresh apple fritter when you were attacked by a rabid squirrel. And his motley "gang" of a pigeon, a second squirrel, and a raccoon. You were fortunate to escape with your coffee, especially when they pulled out the big guns--a metal trash can lid belonging to a neighbor... Thankfully your shots are current, and they didn't actually leave bite marks.

- As you were preparing dinner, you hear a shout, "Catch, Mom!" You turn just in time to "catch" it, with your face :)

- As you finish up at the supermarket congratulating yourself on your single bag of purchases and head towards the swinging glass door, you stop short--there's Eric Sheffer Stevens! In the flesh! And he didn't call first! The door swings back into your stunned countenance.

Kate Davies said...

Oh, man, I love all of these! You guys are so creative.

Winner will be announced in an upcoming blog post! Thanks again for playing!