Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Can't Beat These Prices!

Just wanted to pop in quickly to mention that My Bookstore and More is having a Holiday Sale -- so don't miss out! Here are the details...

Holiday eBook and Gift Certificate Blow-out!
Gift Certificates and eBooks are on sale through December 24th at 15% off the listed price.
So if you aren't sure what to get someone and you want to lure them to the wonders of ebooks, try a Gift Certificate and a recommendation for your favorite book. And while you're at it, buy yourself a book to read. ;)
We're talking some seriously great prices, so stop by and grab something fabulous to read. I just checked, and ALL of my releases are under $3. Can't beat that!
Today's question -- what's your favorite holiday purchase so far this year? What gift was such a great deal, you can't stop grinning about it? For me, it was a pair of microfleece gloves, marked down again and again, with a dollars-off coupon added on, that worked out to 99 cents!

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