Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Twofer Tag

I've been tagged -- again! All-around sweetie Stacy tagged me with two, count 'em, two subjects, one topical and one, well, not. I've tagged a couple different people for each of the topics, so they can continue around the web in separate directions -- more fun for everyone!

So, without further ado, here are my answers:

Six Strange Things About Me:

1. I'm addicted to print. This isn't unusual in the world of readers, I know, but people who don't read as much find it, well, a little odd. I read books, magazines, newspapers, and when they aren't available, I move on to junk mail, catalogs, backs of cereal boxes, anything I can get my hands on. I've been known to vacuum with a book in one hand, to have a different book in each room of the house (and keep all the plots straight!), and to limit my exercising to the stationary bike because I can read while I work out.

2. I amaze (annoy?) friends and family by pointing out grammatical errors pretty much everywhere. I can spot a misplaced comma, wrong usage of their/there/they're, or misspellings at a hundred paces. Currently, I'm ready to call a hotel down the road that has been boasting of "Hot wafles" for breakfast. Drives me absolutely batty.

3. I have a subscription to Entertainment Weekly, and read it from cover to cover every week. (See #1.) But since I have three kids, I rarely see a movie in the theater, or watch any show with regularity besides The Daily Show. I know more trivia about television shows I've never watched and probably will never watch.

4. I don't drink coffee, but I love the smell of it brewing.

5. My son didn't have a name until he was over an hour old, because my husband and I couldn't agree on a boy's name. (We both taught junior high and, let's face it, I love kids that age but junior high boys are well known for pushing buttons. "What about NAME?" "Nah, I had a kid named NAME last year who called me a @($%ing @($*%er.")

6. I once sang "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah" in a school talent show. As a seventh grader. In front of the entire student body. Not surprisingly, this has followed me throughout the years. My senior year, my English class sang it to me for my birthday in lieu of the traditional "Happy Birthday." I fully expect to hear it next year at my high school reunion.

So there. I'm done! And I'm tagging Kate Johnson and TJ Michaels for this topic.

Topic Number Two -- Five Favorite Christmas Songs. There are some overlaps with Stacy's list because, well, I'm pretty sure we were separated at birth. :)

In no particular order, here they are:

1. All I Want For Christmas, Love Actually version
2. Blue Christmas, Elvis
3. Christmas Eve/Sarajevo, 12/24, Transiberian Orchestra
4. Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy, Bing Crosby and David Bowie
5. Christmas in the Northwest, Brenda Kutz White

This topic goes out to Bianca D'Arc, Jessica Jarman and Jenna Leigh.

Thanks for the tag, Stacy! And thanks for playing, ladies!


Diane Craver said...

You got tagged again! Everyone must like your answers when you do these things. Enjoyed reading your strange things!

TJ Michaels said...

Aaah, she got me! Okay, here's my six thing...and no laughing!

1) I’m addicted to cinnamon. Now just any old cinnamon, only the best – Saigon fine ground cinnamon. I eat it with everything. I dip apples, pears and any kind of fruit in it. I dip cookies, cinnamon rolls and chocolate in it. Sometimes I put it in a little cup and just eat it! I love cinnamon! Uh-hem, excuse me, Saigon fine ground cinnamon.

2) I’m addicted to my eBook reader. I have an eBookwise reader that I take everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I have boxes and boxes of print books, but have to admit I haven’t picked up a print novel in ages. If I can’t get it onto my little toy I tend to procrastinate on buying it. I do get around to it, but I buy eBooks faster than print…then take the books to the bathroom at work, the bathroom at home, on the treadmill at the gym. Heck, even when I got to pick up my kids from somewhere, if I have to wait more than sixty seconds for them, I pull out the eBookwise.

3) I wash my face in the bathtub before I get in the shower. Who the heck knows why, but I stand on the side of the tub, feet firmly planted on the carpet, lean over and wash my face. Then I climb in the shower and wash the rest of me. I know…I need help.

4) I rub my feet together before I get in bed. I know, I know, my ex-husband thought I was weird too. Then one day he started doing it! It’s just that after walking about the house barefoot the thought of getting in bed with little dusties on my feet grosses me out!

5) I’m a hell of a cook but I won’t touch raw meat. I can cook anything and make it taste good. But if there’s meat in it, I call my daughter into the kitchen and have her wash it for me and put it in a bowl. Then I take a fork or whatever and handle it that. Something about the feel of chicken skin on my fingers. Ewwww!

6) I love coffee but it takes me all day to finish a single cup. Serious, I’ll buy a cup of coffee in the morning and sip, sip, sip it. When two o’clock rolls around, I’m still sipping the same cup. Can we say ‘wrong’ boys and girls?


Kate Davies said...

Diane -- glad you liked them! And it's nice to think people like my answers, as opposed to being a pushover for these sorts of things. LOL!

TJ -- You crack me up! Now, of course, I have to go find me some Saigon fine ground cinnamon.