Sunday, December 10, 2006

Getting Smarter, one Junior Mint at a Time

So I was at my local RWA chapter's holiday party yesterday, and we got on the subject of candy. (Could have been the container of various chocolates being passed around the table.) One of my chaptermates mentioned that a university had done a study of Junior Mints candy, and discovered that they actually give your brain a boost. A group split in half was given the same test, with half eating Junior Mints during testing and half eating nothing. The group with the Junior Mints scored 60% higher on the test than the control group.

Score! I love chocolate and mint together. Who knew I could be boosting my brain power and enjoying a favorite treat at the same time?

Note: I looked for the study, and haven't found a write-up yet -- but found a different study that showed that people filed better and typed faster in a room scented with peppermint, as opposed to a group working in a scent-free environment. So I guess all I'd have to do is open the top drawer of my filing cabinet and take a whiff to get my brain perking!

I've just enjoyed a Peppermint Chip blizzard, with (you guessed it) peppermint and chocolate chunks in it. Tasted great, and even better, my brain is prepped for a night of writing. Or at least that was my excuse. :)

So what's your favorite candy? And what's your excuse for eating it?


Anonymous said...

I love Take 5 bars...because everyone should take 5 minute breaks at least once an hour LOL

Kate Davies said...

Ooh, I like that idea, Stacy! I bought Take 5 bars for Halloween, but I don't think the trick-or-treaters got any of them...