Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thirteen Holiday Movies I Love

So I've been keeping up with the many and varied Thursday Thirteen participants, notably my fabulous editor Angie, and thinking it would be cool to join in. Trouble was, I couldn't come up with an initial list of thirteen to save my life.

But the holidays have inspired me, so here's my first installment of the Thursday Thirteen -- Thirteen Holiday Movies I Love.

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas
Yeah, it's a TV short, not an actual movie, but I can't imagine the holiday season without it.

2. A Christmas Carol (1938)
I'll watch almost any Christmas Carol adaptation, but this one holds a special place of honor.

3. A Christmas Story
"You'll shoot your eye out, kid."

4. Die Hard
What, you were expecting all sweetness and light? It's set on Christmas Eve, isn't it? :)

5. Elf
Goofy but fun. Will Farrell is absolutely fearless when it comes to comedy.

6. In The Good Old Summertime
Okay, the title blows as a holiday film, but this really is a Christmas story. A musical version of "The Shop Around the Corner", and a precursor to "You've Got Mail", Judy Garland and Van Johnson star as music shop employees who spar in person but don't know they are romantic pen pals at the same time.

7. It's a Wonderful Life
This one's a classic for a reason.

8. The Lemon Drop Kid
Bob Hope shines as a con raising money for himself, using the "Home for Old Dolls" as cover. The song "Silver Bells" was introduced in this film. (trivia buffs -- if you like "Guys and Dolls", you'll probably like this one, since it's based on a story by Damon Runyon.)

9. Love Actually
A great ensemble cast, with a mix of happy and sad stories. I'm partial to the Colin Firth storyline, but then I'm a sucker for Mr. Darcy in just about anything.

10. The Man Who Came to Dinner
A fabulous adaptation of the Moss Hart Broadway play, with exceptional performances and dialogue that sparkles. Loads of fun.

11. Miracle on 34th Street
The original only, please, and in black and white, of course. Maureen O'Hara is great as a modern mom trying to raise her daughter to be rational and realistic, and Edmund Gwinn is the embodiment of St. Nick as a real-life Santa who brings magic to both their lives.

12. Scrooge (1951)
Alistair Sim shines in this classic film.

13. While You Were Sleeping
Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman have wonderful chemistry together as lonely people pining for the one they (think they) can't have.

So there you have it – my favorites. Did yours make the list? Do you have suggestions to add? Let me know what you think!


Kate Davies said...

Note: I tried to get the code to work so I could have those cool graphics and link boxes, but for some reason it messed up my formatting for the whole blog. I'll try again later. :)

Anonymous said...

awesome! I've never seen In The Good Old Summertime :) I'll have to look for it.

Kate Moss said...

wuhooo! nice post here.. :)

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