Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thirteen Reasons Heidi Should Have a Great Birthday!

I'm terribly late with my Thursday Thirteen, plus I've just found out they're discontinuing the meme (sob), so I'm just going to post my list without all the linkbacks and coding and such. Because it's Heidi's birthday and she needs to celebrate!

Without further ado, here are 13 reasons Heidi should have a great birthday:

1. Today's her birthday! (Obvious, I know, but what the heck.)
2. She's the first friend I made when we moved to this town.
3. She's the glue that's held together untold groups of friends.
4. She made administrative team get-togethers way more fun -- and appreciated my obnoxious musical Christmas toy white elephant gifts.
5. Her kids are each two months older than my two youngest -- so we've had the best play dates ever!
6. She's got a positive outlook for just about everything.
7. She really cares about her friends, and lets them know it.
8. She's the ultimate cheerleader when you're trying something new.
9. She's the kind of mom who will have a musical instrument-themed birthday party for her then-four-year-old -- no matter how loud it gets.
10. My three year old says, "it's fun to play at her house."
11. My five year old says, "because her child is my best friend forever." (Exact quote!)
12. My eight year old says, "because she's really nice and they have an awesome pool."
13. Even though she's moved across the state, I know she's still one of my best friends.

Happy birthday, girl!

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