Friday, February 02, 2007

Thirteen Reasons Why I Missed Thursday Thirteen...

...Oh, never mind.

My head's too congested to come up with thirteen excuses right now, anyway.

Suffice it to say our family of five has been contending with two double ear infections, three cases of pinkeye, five raging head colds, and one broken furnace.


Thursday morning, I returned from dropping the kids at school and noticed the house was cold. Well, it was below freezing outside, might as well pump the thermostat up a few degrees.

Except the thermostat, set to heat to 68 degrees, was only registering 64.

I clicked the "up" button. Nothing. Tried down, then up. Nada. Ran down to the basement and checked the furnace. Couldn't find a reset button (but did find a phone card I've been missing for the last year or so, thanks to a youngest child who thinks any mailslot-looking-opening deserves a "letter"), so called hubby for advice. His advice? Call heating company. They can't come until afternoon; meanwhile, temperature drops. Added another layer of clothing to me and youngest child.

Technician shows up mid-afternoon and finds some loose wiring. Fixes it, heat goes on, house is warm again.

Nine pm, hubby asks me to turn the heat up a little. Thermostat, set to 68, is only registering 64.

Many, many bad words.

By this morning, the house was 56 degrees inside. Outside, it was 20. Technician comes back, finds more loose wire, and fixes that. Checks the thermostat and discovers it isn't working, either.

Thermostat replaced. House warm. Wallet light.

Wishing you a warm and enjoyable weekend!

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