Friday, September 21, 2007

Book BIN Friday! -- Cavemen Edition

As promised, here's my Book BIN for this week. And it's a doozy!

Ellora's Cavemen: Seasons Of Seduction III comes out on the 23rd, and it looks like oodles of fun. Some of my fave authors are taking part in this anthology. I can't wait!

So here's the run-down on the stories in SOS III:

I WAS AN ALIEN’S LOVE SLAVE by Charlene Teglia

Micki Sloane needs a hero and she needs him now. She’s a romance writer with a deadline and writer’s block and no inspiration in sight. Desperation drives her on a tour of Seattle bars, which leaves her no closer to her goal. What to do? Wish on a star.

Keelan Os’tana has been seeking his bondmate, the one woman who is on his wavelength – literally. He receives Micki’s mental call and answers by beaming her up and into adventure beyond her wildest imaginings. Her options? Form the permanent telepathic bond with Keelan or go home and take up writing for the tabloids. “I Was An Alien’s Love Slave” is a sure seller, but Keelan makes it awfully tempting to live the fantasy

A MAN OF VISION by Kate Willoughby

For Cristoforo, sculpting marble is his life, but the price of creation is a libido that rides him like a demon. When he discovers his sculpting days are numbered, he hires a mistress to satisfy him night and day.

Modern-day courtesan Delphine arrives at his villa prepared for the rigors of being on call 24/7. What she isn’t prepared for, however, is the intensity of her body’s response to Cristoforo. When she learns what is driving him so ruthlessly, she wonders if she can protect her heart…or if it’s already too late.


When Leah gets an invitation to a friend’s annual Halloween bash, she has mixed emotions. After all, at last year’s party, she met a man, fell for him hard in just one night, and then … never heard from him again. So this year, she decides to take a new approach. Screw the emotions – she’s going to find a hot guy and do the dirty with him, no intimate strings attached. And besides being a little kinky, doing it with costumes on will make it even less personal.

Arriving at the soiree in her sexy cat costume, she spies a totally hot pirate across the room and knows instantly that he’s the man she’s going to seduce. But can she succeed in her plan? Or will this naughty little kitty end up heartbroken all over again?


Sash, chief mechanic of the starship Anthon has spent her entire life coursing through space. She's never gotten sick before. Ever. But as they approach planet Lannar, all kinds of weird and not so wonderful things begin happening to her body, and when she sets eyes on the gorgeous Kade, leader of Lannar, all kinds of weird and very wonderful things begin happening to her libido.

The minute Kade sets eyes on the alpha Earth woman he knows she's his mate. How it's possible that an Earth woman is the mate for a shape shifting panther, he's not sure. All he knows is that there is only one way to help ease the pain in her body and make her first transformation easier. Through mating. And there is only way to mark her as his mate. Through submission.

But will the Earth woman be strong enough to mate with the alpha panther inside him, yet submissive enough to allow him to claim her?


Sunshine DeMarco is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed vampire who just doesn’t fit in with her own people. She doesn’t really like the whole vampire lifestyle—the opulent surroundings and overindulgence in everything from food to drink to blood. But even she has family and social obligations.

While attending a party for a special European dignitary, she finds herself captivated by a tall, dark stranger. One sensual dance between them leads to a passionate tryst in the host’s garden.

Reality intrudes and Sunshine flees, but she hasn’t seen the last of her mystery lover.

Plus, there's a story by Renee Luke as well! (I didn't have a blurb by posting time.)
So there you go. Seasons Of Seduction III. And on Sunday, I think you should Buy It Now!


Stacy~ said...

Wow, these stories sound pretty good. I'm a huge Lacey Alexander fan, so I'd get it for her story alone.

charleneteglia said...

Lacey's Halloween pirate story rocks. *g* It's up on sale now at EC, in print and ebook. Thanks so much for mentioning us, Kate!

N.J.Walters said...

You're going to love Lacey's story, Stacy. It's fantastic!

Cathy said...

They all look wonderful. Plus Renee's story of Simone and Elijah looks like another great addition. Conrats ladies.

N.J.Walters said...

Thanks so much, Cathy. Renee's story is very emotional charged.