Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Book BIN Tuesday -- You May Have Missed...

If you're anything like me, things tend to slip by during the summer months. Kids are home, hubby's got some time off, you're racing hither and yon enjoying family and vacation time.

So it's not surprising to me that I missed some great book releases over the past few months. I'm highlighting a couple today that are intriguing me.

First up is One Night in Boston by Allie Boniface. Released from Samhain on July 24, it's a contemporary romance that takes place over 24 hours. I love fast-paced, immediate books like that, and it's heading to the top of my To-Buy list.

Second is, well, Second Wind by Dee Knight. :) Part of the Heat Wave collection in the Midsummer Night's Steam series, it's a cowboy and city girl red hot romance that's just what's needed to steam up those cooler fall nights.

So there you go. A couple of books that slipped past me this summer. What books did you miss over the past couple months? What do you recommend someone Buy It Now?

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DeeSKnight said...

Kate! Thanks so much for mentioning Second Wind. I love cowboys, but for some reason have never written characters who live in the west until now.