Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tooth Fairy Trauma

My middle child spent all of Kindergarten waiting to lose a tooth. All those classmates getting to fill in the tooth chart, and for my kid ... nothin'.

Then, the first day of first grade, bingo! Tooth falls out in the middle of school. Which was all well and good until morning the next day came and... the tooth fairy forgot to come.

In, uh, her defense, the little darling put the tooth on the dresser next to the bed instead of under the pillow. And after many, many tears, we managed to convince her that the tooth fairy would come back the next night as long as she put the tooth under the pillow this time.

Except by the time bedtime rolled around that evening, the tooth was -- missing.

Gone. Finito. Disappeared.

More tears. More encouragement. A note was left under the pillow, informing the tooth fairy that the tooth had been lost, but "can you give me money anyway?"

Yes, indeed. Money arrived by morning.

Well, tooth number two fell out tonight. Or should I say in? It disappeared during dinner (homemade pizza with a crunchy crust), so we're assuming it's been swallowed.

I swear, this kid has no luck at all.

But the NEW note, keeping the tooth fairy up to date on all dental issues, should do the trick.

As long as the tooth fairy doesn't forget again. Wish, uh, her luck.


m-dith said...

That is bum luck, indeed. I wish, uh, her better luck. ;)

N.J.Walters said...

OMG The poor thing. Glad the tooth fairy made the visit okay. :-)