Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Book BIN Tuesday -- Warning! Fangrrrl Moment!

Another week, another Tuesday, another Book BIN recommendation!

It's an easy one this week.


Really, need I say more? But just in case that's not enough to tempt you to pick up a copy of Suz Brockmann's holiday "novella" ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT (I use quotes because it's longer than most of her category books!), how about this?

Every penny of Suz's earnings -- advance, royalties, foreign rights, audio royalties, subrights -- is being donated to MassEquality. Every penny.

Plus, because it's by Suz, it's sure to be a ripping good read. So do yourself a favor and run down to the nearest bookstore -- and Buy It Now.


Stacy~ said...

I'm right there with ya Kate! I plan on being at the bs tomorrow. Halloween? Who cares! Suz has a book being released tomorrow!!!!

Kate Davies said...

LOL! I like the way you think!