Friday, October 19, 2007

Argh! And Last Chance to Enter My Birthday Contest

So I've been struggling with Comcast this week, because their $(%&^ site update has completely messed up my website. I've been trying to post updates, but Comcast won't let me. And half the time, when I try to visit my site to see if the updates are there, I get this screen:

So I'm more than a little frustrated. They'd better get things straightened out soon, or I'm really going to lose it. (h/t to Angie for the link to the article!)

On a happier note, you've got until midnight tonight to post a comment on my blog (any post from this week) in order to be in the running for a prize. And to get the conversation going, here's a question for you:

What's the worst customer service experience you've had?


Sherry said...

Funny you should mention comcast Kate because I switched my phone over to Comcast this summer and I was ready to scream for the first week. My internet was messed up. Then my DVR wouldn't work right. My TV would randomly turn on in the middle of the day when we were at work. I was beginning to think my little miniature dachshund was partying with the TV all day. I spent numerous hours on the phone with Comcast. Finally we had to get a new router to get the internet fixed. Then we had to exchange our DVR for another one. After hrs. on the phone with Comcast its finally all working.

Jennifer said...

Hello! I'm glad I checked your blog - because I tried your webpage and kept seeing the error page.
As to customer service? Cell phones was my worst. I spent a total of 6 hours on the phone with them, got nothing done, was lied to, yelled at, and ended up having to pay more money. Yay.

m-dith said..., my friend. Trust me.

Worst customer service? That's tough. Having been on both sides of the subject, I've had bad service and bad customers. I did have a customer once who accused me of racism when I asked if there was anything I could help him find. How's that? Rude and crazy.

Arlene said...

How about a 345.00 bill from Budget rent a car for insurance we didn't sign up for "online" yet because there's nothing printed out saying what you did or didn't sign up for we couldn't prove it? When talking to Customer Service (what a joke) my husband asked to talk to a supervisor the guy was like "Sure dude!!" didn't realized that he didn't click mute and was heard saying "Hey this dick head thinks that he's got an issue that only a "supervisor" can fix, how many time does he have to be told that we aren't refunding him his money just because he's stupid???"
Best part????? Supervisor did NOTHING about the whole situation, neither did Budget's written customer service or corp. head quarter's. BTW yes we did STILL have to pay the 345.00 and NO I will NEVER even if I have to crawl across all my stained glass shards for 8 miles ever use their services again. and don't EVEN get me started on QWEST :) Other wise I am usually ok with my Customer Service!! T.G. I haven't even had major issues with comcast!! I'd die without my internet!!

anne said...

These experiences are awful but typical of this day and age. No matter how often I threatened and wanted to speak to a supervisor due to an error in billing I was given the run around. Finally I spoke to someone who adjusted the credit card bill.