Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Forty Facts About Kate - Day Two

Ready for round two? Here we go!

30. I love creativity-based reality shows - Top Chef and Project Runway are two of my favorites.

29. For many years I re-read my favorite YA book, The Dark Is Rising, every winter around the solstice.

28. The author with the most books on my bookshelf is Lucy Monroe. Second? Suz Brockmann.

27. I love to collect cookbooks and cooking magazines. Despite my best intentions, I rarely actually make any recipes contained in said books and magazines.
26. I once went to a science fiction convention dressed as Krissy Kochanski. (Bonus points to the first person who can identify KK! Not you, Maia.)
25. I love tomato-based dishes (spaghetti, lasagna, chili), but other than in bruschetta, I'm not fond of uncooked tomatoes.
24. I can still recite my monologues from A Midsummer Night's Dream, a play I was in twenty years ago.
23. Although I took piano lessons for three years, the only instrument I can still play with any skill is the tambourine.
22. I love Frangos. Especially the mint chocolate kind.
21. The first time I got glasses, I couldn't find the eye chart on the wall - I couldn't even see the big E.
More tomorrow. And I'll have to start thinking about them today, because dang this is harder than I thought!


PG Forte said...

#29--Me, too! Followed immediately by A Christmas Carol and, a week after that, by Pilgrim at Tinker's Creek (for reasons which continue to elude me).

Anonymous said...

Is Krissy Kochanski from Red Dwarf? And I too love the mint chocolate Frangos!! YUM!! Now I want some!! ;)

Kate Davies said...

Eeee! PG, I think we were separated at birth. Thoughts? :) I got my mom reading it, too...and if I'm not mistaken, so does Maia. (Correct me if I'm wrong, Maia!)

And Nikki, you're absolutely right! Good catch. Plus, I'm thinking that I need to add some mint chocolate Frangos to my giveaway.

ikkinlala said...

Now I want to re-read The Dark is Rising - I wonder how long it'll take me to find my copy.

Maia Strong said...

D'oh! Someone beat me to Krissy Kochanski anyway. ;)

I *heart* Frangos! Dark Ebony Mint...mmm!

Been too long since I reread The Dark is Rising. I think I shall reread it this winter, though. I dug my whole series out of a box of books a month or more ago, but I've been too freakin' busy to enjoy a good sit-down-and-read.