Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forty Facts About Kate - The Countdown Begins

*note: these facts will be random and jumbled together, sort of like me.

40. When I was a kid, we had a cat named Muffin. Muffin liked to get, erm, amorous on the deck outside the family room before we had her fixed. Being a kid, I worried that she kept getting in "fights". My parents would respond by telling me to go practice my piano. Ever since then, whenever the topic of sex comes up, the stock response is "go practice your piano".

39. After my first book came out, Mom called to tell me she'd learned a whole bunch of new piano pieces while reading it.

38. My feet are almost always cold.

37. In college, my friends and I staged a fight in the middle of Red Square on campus. Our storyline? A couple was arguing with each other across the square, but every time one of us said something, another couple "translated" it for us. At the end, the two couples switched places. We took our bows and walked off.

36. I once sang karaoke in a Philipine restaurant in the middle of Munich. Under duress. (The person who'd taken us out to dinner insisted.) The song? Thanks to a dearth of English-language titles, I ended up butchering The Theme From Mahogany.

35. The year I started teaching at a junior high, I paid student prices for lunch for almost two months until the lunch lady realized I was a teacher. (Sadly, I wasn't even aware I was getting away with anything until it was too late.)

34. My first paid writing experience was winning first place in a "flash fiction" contest put on by the local community newspaper. I earned $75 for a story about a girl who turned into a pizza.

33. I'm left handed.

32. The first play I was ever in was Charley's Aunt, in high school.
31. My husband opened a bag of halloween candy yesterday and did not hide it from me. This was a tactical error. I have a very hard time saying no to chocolate.
More tomorrow! And remember, every comment gets you an entry into the prize giveaway!


PG Forte said...

Hey, I'm left-handed too!

Happy countdown. (cause happy birthday would be premature at this point *g*)

Abby said...

I remember Charley's Aunt. I was just thinking about that the other day. . . :)

Meg Benjamin said...

The karaoke is a definite fun fact, but the middle school story is just depressing for those of us who will never be mistaken for middle school students again! Happy birthday, Kate!

Kate Davies said...

Another leftie! Very cool, PG!

Abby, what I remember most is tripping on the hem of my costume and stumbling the entire length of the stage on opening night. Thank goodness I didn't fall off!

And Meg, it was both flattering and depressing to think I looked like a 9th grader. It was even worse when I was pregnant! Some of the looks I got from parents at school events...and no, I'd never be mistaken for a student again, more's the pity. Too much gray to pull that off. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna send you a website with 40 (okay, more than that) recipes for that crock pot! *G*

Erin Nicholas said...

What the heck's with my "anonymous said..."
Wow, am I challenged on this blogging stuff sometimes! *G*

Jane said...

Yum, Halloween candy. I haven't even bought any decorations yet.

Maia Strong said...

I remember your wonderful Kafka-esque story about the girl turning into the pizza. Good times, good times. :D

Anonymous said...

I think I've spent too much time on Facebook. I was wanting to "like" each one as I read them. ;)

Kate Davies said...

Hey, Erin! You didn't fool me with that "anonymous" label - I knew it was you! :) The crock-pot recipes sound great!

Jane, I'm a sucker for Halloween candy. Actually, any kind of candy. Plus, I owe you a book! E-mail me for details.

Maia, "Ode to Kafka" was actually my kids' bedtime story the other night. Scout's honor.

And Nikki, I know exactly what you mean! I find myself looking for the "like" button outside Facebook, too.