Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Turning Forty - A Blog Party!

On Saturday my parents came to town to watch the kids play soccer. Afterwards, we went out to lunch and then back to the house for cupcakes and presents. See, next Saturday I turn 40, and we celebrated a week early.

Leaving aside the fact that I was absurdly thrilled to have cupcakes, the best part was opening the gifts. My mom and dad had decided that, in honor of the decade birthday, they'd give me 40 presents. (Give or take. Mom confessed she lost track there near the end.)

So I found myself surrounded by a sea of colored tissue paper, unwrapping things like lip gloss, fingernail clippers, sample-size bubble bath, a bottle of wine, chocolate, and an entire Clinique bonus pack wrapped individually. Each individual item was small (except for the last one, which was the large-size crock pot I've been dying to get for ages), but put together it was one fabulous gift. And loads of fun!

In keeping with the counting to forty theme, then, I've decided to spend the next four days sharing Forty Things About Kate as I count down to my 40th birthday. Eveyr day, I'll post ten more, with the final set coming on Saturday, my actual birthday. By now you probably know the drill -- every comment on the blog in that time frame is entered to win a prize pack of some of my favorite things.

Sound good? Great! Stop by tomorrow and check out items #40-31 on my Forty Facts list! And remember, every comment (or retweet, or post on Facebook) gets you another entry to win!

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea Katie! And a Happy early birthday to you!!
<3 Nikki