Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Movie Musings - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One

Thursday night found me, once again, making the trek to the local theater with my two oldest, ready to watch the midnight showing of the newest Harry Potter movie. It's debatable whether that makes me a great Mom (midnight showing! Family togetherness!) or a horrible Mom (it was a school night! We didn't get to bed until three am!).

The truth is likely somewhere in the middle. I justified the decision by focusing on the fact that it's a rare occasion (please to be ignoring the two other midnight shows we'd attended since June, though both of those were during the summer months) and that school was on early release the next day so they could power through a shortened day and crash when they got home.

Okay, setting aside the behind-the-scenes agonizing, the movie itself was fabulous. I loved how much of the book was actually in the movie, really fleshing out the story and bringing in those smaller moments that made the HP series so much fun to read. I loved the special effects, the crackling pace, the characters and their interactions. (I don't want to give anything away, especially since it's so new in theaters, so I'm trying to be purposefully vague.) I do understand those who felt like the ending was missing something, since it's really only half of the book, but I thought it was overall a very well done film.

Have you seen it yet? What did you think?

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