Monday, November 15, 2010

Rolling Write-in Trip Report

I'm pleased to announce that the second annual rolling write-in to Portland was a rousing success! We doubled our numbers to 8 this year, and I believe all of us had a fabulous time.

The day started much earlier for everyone besides me, as they had to be on the train by 7 am. Being further down the road, I meandered down to the train station at the appointed "half hour before" the website had demanded. Upon arrival, I discovered a) the train station itself wasn't even open yet, and wouldn't be until ten minutes before the train arrived; and b) despite having to type in the AAA card membership number and have it verified before buying the ticket online, if you don't have the actual physical card with you, you'll end up paying full price anyway. Grumble.

Shaking that off, I got on the train and was directed to the group by the very accommodating conductor. They'd saved a seat for me and everything, so I sat down, powered up the computer, and got to work. I'm not NaNo-ing this year, but I did have a project or two to work on, so I had plenty to keep me busy.

By the time we reached Portland, I had a completed and polished partial, all but one paragraph of a synopsis, and a start on the second partial. Success!

Next on the agenda: brunch. The restaurant we went to last year was even busier this time around, so we returned to a likely prospect we'd passed on the way. No wait, enough seating for all of us together, and plates of poutine as big as my head.

No, bigger.

Stuffed to the gills, we wandered down the street to Powells Books, and set a meeting time so we could explore to our hearts' content. After, we hit the Saturday market, where not even a constant drizzle could dampen our enjoyment.

Last stop was at the Fox and Hounds, a quiet little pub with great food, friendly staff, and very potent lemon drops. Particularly when the waiter kept telling me to "drink it down" so he could add more from the shaker.

Again, and again, and again. Hic.

Back on the train, where I wrote another 1K or so on the new story before disembarking and wishing the rest of the group happy writing for the rest of their journey.

Looking forward to next year!

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Maia Strong said...

It was a grand (and wordful) day! Great, as always, to see you.