Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday Movie Musings - Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty

So a month or two ago my favorite actor, Eric Sheffer Stevens, mentioned in an interview that he was working on a new film, Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty. There wasn't a lot of info on the film out there, but eventually we discovered that it was an indie rom-com set in Brooklyn, put together by a group of longtime friends and colleagues. Their website had a "soft launch" a few weeks back (translation: it wasn't officially open for business yet, but ESS fans discovered it and started spreading the word), and some more details were available there.

Like all indie films, it was made on a shoestring budget, and there was an opportunity to donate toward post-production costs. (Check out the funding request here. It's hysterical.) The minimum amount needed was raised in under two weeks, and editing has begun! Check out the result of that work below, a teaser that looks more like a big budget release than the title "indie" would indicate. (And I mean that as a compliment.)

LLRT from Lefty Movie on Vimeo.

Here's what the film is about:

MICHAEL is a former college indie rocker who’s now a new dad and not sure how he feels about his life of comfortable domesticity. His wife HELEN is not sure how she feels about Michael not being sure…especially when he’s the one always opting for “crazy” evenings of watching Netflix on the couch with a six pack of tall boys safely nearby. Perhaps Michael can make one last great grasp at rock stardom and finally find that complete 100% certain no-doubt-about-it contentment that hasso far eluded him.

FRANKLIN (Eric Sheffer Stevens) is a recently divorced college professor who’s convinced he’s a loser and no one will love him ever, ever again. He does have cerebral suspicions that his 19-year-old poetry student MARY wants his body bad, however. This creates an internal crisis of significance; even for a man who’s viewed his entire adult life as one long series of continuous internal crises.

LLOYD is an aspiring novella-ist and reluctant part-time notary who’s most successful at eating nachos and shunning commitment from his longtime on-again/off-again “friend” KIT. When backed into a corner by Kit’s newfound romantic certainty, does Lloyd opt for a free lifestyle of syndicated daytime television and semi-competitive sports involving Kooshballs? Or, does he choose love…

“Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty” is the story of three friends on the precipice of middle-age. Too old to be young. And too young to be old.


Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? I can't wait to see the finished product. And if you're interested in learning more, stop by Wednesday and Thursday for an exclusive interview with the director, James Yaegashi!


traci said...

Looking so forward to the interview with James on Tues./Wed.! I'm so glad you're doing a LLRT week. And like you and all other ESS fans can't WAIT to see it! The trailer looks awesome! Also, for those who haven't donated to helping in the post-production, you not only have a opportunity to be a part of a great project by donating but there are some pretty cool incentives, too!

Thanks, Kate

Kate Davies said...

Thanks, Traci! The incentives are great - and a clever way of thanking people for donating.

And the interview will be on Wednesday and Thursday, since Tuesday is my weekly book recommendation day. :) Be sure to stop back on Wednesday, though! James has some great insight into the making of the film!

Maia Strong said...

I'm excited for both the interview and the film. The trailer looks fantastic! And I don't just mean the awesome HD resolution, either. ;)