Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Reidiversary!

Reidiversary? What is Kate talking about?

Well, January 19, 2010, was the first appearance of Eric Sheffer Stevens as Dr. Reid Oliver on As The World Turns. I wasn't watching the show then; it had never been one of "my" shows. I'd watched the Luke/Noah storyline on YouTube in a marathon some time before that, but hadn't kept up with it. I was happy with my German soap and not paying attention to what was happening on other shows.

It was a few months later when a friend halfway around the world finally talked me into giving ATWT a try. She'd been raving about the new doctor in town, and the actor who played him, and ultimately piqued my curiosity.

I was immediately hooked. (This may not come as a surprise to you.)

And by the end of 2010, I had:

Promoted the show (and Eric Sheffer Stevens) to anyone who would listen;
Become friends online with a great group of LuRe fans, from all over the world;
Started a new side career as an interviewer, at least on my blog.

A big impact from a character on a TV show, I'd say.

And I wasn't the only one to see the impact. ESS has received quite a bit of attention for his nine month stint during ATWT's final days. Here are just a few kudos:

Named one of 2010's Hottest Newcomers by TV Guide Canada
Hit the Daytime Confidential Hot 100 List at #56
Named Soap Star of the Year by Greg In Hollywood
TV Guide's Couple of the Year with Van Hansis' Luke
#1 on Daytime Confidential's Top Ten Soap Newcomers of the Year
Multiple mentions on Michael Fairman's Best And Worst of 2010, including:
~ Best overall performance by a supporting actor
~ Best new couple, Luke/Reid
Shortlisted for Supporting Actor Daytime Emmy predictions by CBS Soaps In Depth.
TV Guide Canada's 2011 Soap Opera Spirit Awards nominations
~ Outstanding Male Actor in a Recurring or Guest Starring Role
~ Outstanding performance by a duo, with Van Hansis
Named best new character by two different columnists for soapcentral.com
(and, just for fun, he made the Hot 100 on AfterElton - landing at #25!)

I'm sure more praise will be headed his way, especially as we get closer to Daytime Emmy nominations. For now, I'll leave you with a little taste of Dr. Reid Oliver, from ESS's first appearance on the show. Enjoy!


dkellergrl said...


Thanks for making note of this day in American Daytime Soap history.

Reid Oliver, the character was a breath of fresh air that was sorely needed in this genre. We haven't had a caustic character like that since John Dixon was created, for the same damn show, way back in the 70's.

Eric Sheffer Stevens gained tons of great reviews and press, for only being on the show (and in the American Daytime industry) for less than a year.

That's an amazing achievement, especially when the two oldest American based soaps, Guiding Light and As The World Turns have been canceled. The remaining soaps are getting 2 or 3 year renewals, long-term veteran actors are being let go throughout the industry (Rebecca Herbst - fired from General Hospital), CBS Daytime FINALLY got its act together and fired Barbara Bloom (because Les Moonves wife demanded it) and yet, the folks who continue to be in charge, continue to rehire folks who were in charge of previously canceled soaps.

I'm so glad that we were able to enjoy ESS's talent, charisma and chemistry with Van Hansis, Don Hastings, Kathryn Hays and the other actors from ATWT.

P.S. I also think it's very amazing that ESS received all those kudos, just like Van Hansis did during HIS first year, as a re-cast of Luke Synder, while a certain other actor, never received a quarter of those kudos, during his 3 years on the show.

Notoriouslyunique said...

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I get a shoutout!

The truth is that I had read the spoilers and knew a new character was coming but I wasn't planning on watching after I quit mid Mason fiasco, but then I read Snicks' liveblog, where he quoted "What I see is that big, fat silver spoon in your mouth that I hope you choke on."
After that, I knew this wasn't a typical ATWT character and I HAD to watch and the rest is history!