Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Post of Randomness!

* Take A Chance On Me, my upcoming title from Samhain, is now on the Coming Soon pages, and available for preorder! Better yet, it's discounted - so if you buy it now, you'll save some coin, and it'll show up in your account on release day. It's also on the Men In Uniform bestseller list already. Cool, huh?

* Silent House, a horror film from the team that produced Open Water, screened at Sundance over the weekend and just sold to Liddell for $3 million. Congrats to the cast and crew, which includes Eric Sheffer Stevens as the uncle, and the reason I'm even tracking the sales information for this film in the first place. A huge thank you to Parrish Hurley, who verified the sales info for us. You rock, Parrish! (And ABC News, FAIL. Next time, be sure there's a sale before you report it, because we believed you.)

* Loved Hawaii Five-O last night. Glad the ratings were good! Just wish the DVR hadn't cut off midway through. Would have enjoyed watching it again. *stares meaningfully at On Demand*

* That's it for me at the moment. What are you up to?


PG Forte said...

Want to watch Hawaii Five-0 again? NP. It's on http://www.ch131.com/

Who loves you? ;)

Kate Davies said...

You're the bestest! *smooches*