Monday, August 13, 2007

Book BIN Tuesday -- for Stacy~

Guess what is being released today?

Yep, you got it in one. Force of Nature, by Suzanne Brockmann.

No, I haven't read it yet. No, I don't have a copy yet. (Dang small town-without-bookstore!) Yes, I'll be grabbing up a copy ASAP and reading immediately.

Because JULES is in it, man. JULES. As a point of view character and everything.
(Can you tell he's one of my favorites?)
And since I know Stacy~ is a mega-fan, too, I'll be looking forward to her take on the book. Because everyone I know in real-life-land takes FOREVER to read Suz books.
If you're a Suz fan, I know this book is already on your TBB list. If you haven't read any Troubleshooters books yet, I can't recommend them highly enough. So go. Head to the store. And Buy It Now. :)

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Stacy~ said...

Thanx Kate! Finally, it's here! In the universal language of fangirls everywhere..."squeeeeeee!"