Friday, August 24, 2007

Guess What I Found on My Porch Today...

My author copies!

(Insert big, goofy grin here...)

I got home after a long day of registering kids for the new school year to find a box from Samhain on the front porch. I, of course, had to rip it open immediately, never mind that the kids and my mother in law were standing there. We all oohed and aahed over it. Okay, maybe that was mostly me.

I reminded her that my father in law is not allowed to read it, no matter how much he threatens to. There are just some things FIL's should not know. :)

Anyway, it made my weekend. This should almost make up for having to go to Chuck E Cheese tomorrow for the four year old's birthday. I just hope that the fact the Wiggles aren't showing doesn't ruin the party for the birthday kid. (Because they were invited, you know. Apparently through the television screen.)

Hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend!


Stacy~ said...

Well, heck, I'd be excited too. Very cool. I love the cover - tastefully sexy ;)

Diane Craver said...

So cool we both received our books the same day! I love your cover and hope we both sell tons of books!

We always took our kids to Chuck E Cheese for their 5th birthdays!

Kate Davies said...

Thanks, Stacy~! I love the cover, too. Although my MIL looked at it, smiled and said, "And your FIL thinks you're the innocent one..."

Hey, Diane, right back atcha! I saw that Becka got hers, too, so there must have been quite some shipment of Samhain author copies going out last week. LOL

We survived Chuck E Cheese's, and the guest of honor didn't even notice that the Wiggles stood him up. Probably because Chuck came over and had his picture taken with all the kids. Good times...