Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #34 -- Booksigning Edition

Okay, it's been well over a week since the Samhain booksigning. But I (1) need a topic for TT, and (2) finally got the pictures downloaded. So here are thirteen things I learned at the Samhain booksigning November 3:

1. Lauren Dane and Stacia Wolf are both fabulous women! I had a great time chatting with them and getting to know them.

2. A good bookseller makes a huge difference. Our contact at Waldenbooks ordered in a ton of books, asked us to sign the remaining stock, and promised to face the books out over the holiday season. How cool is that?

3. The Rainforest Cafe is like eating inside the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. Except without the corny jokes.

4. There's a drink at the Rainforest Cafe that comes in a glass with flashing neon lights around the base of it. If I'd seen that before I ordered, I probably would have gotten it.

5. All customers coming into Waldenbooks after shopping at Radio Shack set off the security alarm.

6. Three authors and multiple books can squeeze to fit one small rectangular card table.

7. It's harder when said table is inside the posts of the security system at the entryway.

8. Friends and relatives who come to the mall on a Saturday night to support you at a booksigning are to be cherished.

9. It is impossible to participate in a booksigning without spending way more money on new books than you ever could have made in royalties for the night.

10. This is not a bad thing. :)

11. Dinner beforehand is a lovely thing. I highly recommend it.

12. Dessert afterward is even better.

13. I can't wait until the next booksigning!


Stacy~ said...

Sounds like a blast. I'm glad you had such a great time. Here's to more signings :)

Deb said...

Nice Thursday post! I just posted my Thursday, with a few add-ons, come on by and visit!

Have a good one!

Missy said...

Wow! Sounds like the booksigning was a success! Great TT. Thanks for sharing the experience.

Nicole Austin said...

Sounds like y'all had a great time! And Rain Forest Cafe is a great bonus. :D

Happy TT!

Scribbit said...

It does sound like it was fun, good luck.

m-dith said...

I'm so behind I only just discovered this post. Yay for book signings! Yay for pics! :D (Now go write more! ;P )