Monday, December 10, 2007

Book BIN Tuesday -- Gearing Up For The Holidays!

It's a mere two weeks until Christmas, and you know what that means --

Instead of focusing on a single book this week, I thought I'd recommend some of my favorites -- and ask for your suggestions in return.

I love holiday-themed romances. There's something about the combination that just tickles my fancy, whether it's a single title historical, a contemporary category, or an anthology with a little of everything.

Just a quick perusal of my keeper shelves turns up several books that fit the bill. There's Jingle Bell Rock, the first Brava anthology I ever read; It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, a category romance by Suzanne Brockmann now retitled and reissued as Hawken's Heart; Merry Christmas, Baby, a Brava anthology including stories by two of my favorite people, Lucy Monroe and Susanna Carr; The Greek's Christmas Baby, also by Lucy Monroe; and the list goes on and on.

(There's also a few copies of The Perfect Gift, the Christmas anthology I'm in. I kinda like that one, too. LOL)

So how about you? Do you like holiday romances? What are some of your favorites?


Jane said...

I also love "Jingle Bell Rock." One recent one I like is "The Morgue The Merrier." "Wish List" is an old favorite.

Diane Craver said...

I haven't read "The Morgue The Merrier" but want to. One of my favorites is an old one by Jude Deveraux. Her story“Just Curious” is published as an anthology titled A GIFT OF LOVE. The other authors are: Kimberly Cates, Andrea Kane, Judith McNaught, and Judith O’Brien.

Stacy~ said...

Oh you've named some of my favorites - I love Brava Christmas anthologies, and Lisa Kleypas (?), Judith McNaught and Jude Deveraux are old favorites with those anthologies.

Cathy said...

My favorite is the Twilight Before Christmas by Christine Feehan. I love the Drake sisters, and the family bond and magic in this story makes it such a treat to read.

Maureen said...

Merry Christmas, Baby is one of my favorites and also one called The Wish List.

Kate Davies said...

Great suggestions, everyone! Thanks so much. I'm busy making up a shopping list. :)

Hey, you should always buy presents for yourself during the holidays, right?