Monday, December 10, 2007


Check out that lovely progress meter on the right side of my blog. Almost 50%!

This was made possible by my darling husband, who drove all over the countryside and back this weekend so I could write in the car.

Why the car? Well, with school out most of the week due to flooding, my kids were home, and I lost a *lot* of writing time to refereeing, supervising, and just plain paying attention. Not to mention that these same kids like to spend time on the computer, too.

So I was getting a little panicky, what with a looming deadline and all, so we piled into the van, plugged in the portable DVD player and my laptop car adaptor power cord, and headed for the open road.

No internet to distract me, no kids clamoring to play on the computer--and I got several thousand words written, a couple of plot problems worked out, and I'm ready to roll with the rest of the book.

It's a somewhat complicated solution to a somewhat simple problem, but it worked. So thanks, honey!

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Anonymous said...

LOL! I totally get this, although I've not done any car writing. I just know that sometimes I must leave the house with my computer in order to get anything done. Could be anywhere from my favourite coffee shop, to Vancouver, BC, to Washington DC. Doesn't matter as long as it isn't home.

Congrats on all that progress!