Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Year's Resolutions -- How'd I Do?

Just for fun, I thought I'd take a peek at my resolutions from last year and see how I did. Ha! I crack myself up...

1. Write every day. May have to participate in Club 100 just to kick start the habit again.
Nope. Got an unexpected, new day job in January that killed my writing schedule. Love the job, hate the lack of writing time.
2. Write at least two new manuscripts in 2007.
Wrote one, edited two for publication.
3. Sell at least two manuscripts in 2007.
4. Start up the great agent safari once again.
5. Turn my website over to someone who knows what they're doing. I love fiddling with my site but it's time to let the professionals take over!
Uhhh...obviously, I have control issues. Nope.
6. Work out, for real, three times a week minimum. No more "lowest setting on the recumbent bike so I can read" fake-outs.
:: whistles, twiddles thumbs, looks off innocently into the distance... ::
7. In the same vein, actually WIN the Wellness Challenge in at least one category this year. I'm tired of missing first place by two or three points. I'm in it for the COIN, baby!
Second again. Sigh.
8. Find and destroy the cobwebs before DH can point them out.
(Better not let him see this list...)
9. Continue Date Night at least once a month with DH.
Actually did pretty well with this one. Missed a couple, but not for lack of trying.
10. Start planning meals more than an hour in advance, and limit eating out to no more than once a week.
Dang! Did I actually write this one down? Better put it on this year's list.
11. Create a business and promo plan, and stick to it.
Kinda sorta, though I know I need a better one...
12. Keep up with birthdays and anniversaries.
Fairly good at this one.
13. Read more romance! (Okay, I'll fess up. I threw this one in there so I'd be sure to accomplish at least one goal this year.)
Aaaand I was right! :)

Now on to this year's list. I'll keep it simple:
1. Write more frequently.
2. Finish at least two books.
3. Sell at least two books.
4. Improve healthy living -- exercise more, eat right.
5. Be better about participating on lists, blogs, etc.
6. Read more romance! (I think I'll keep this one on my list every year. It's so nice to know I'll actually reach one of my goals!)

How about you? Any resolutions?

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