Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #7 -- Wedding Edition!

Nope, I'm not getting married. (My husband of twelve years might object!) But the daughter of a family friend is getting hitched this weekend, and at the bridal shower we got talking about how, after a certain point in your marriage, you really need a second shower just to cycle out all the old and worn-out household items.
So I got to thinking -- what would I want to register for? Here's my list of thirteen:
1. New linens. This one from DKNY is a nice, peaceful bed set.
2. Big, fluffy, thick, towels.
3. And how about bathrobes that match?
4. A Cuisinart.
5. A new set of corningware that actually matches.
6. A set of martini glasses. Because it's depressing having friends over for cosmos and having to drink them out of Wiggles tumblers.
7. A towel heater, because nothing's better than a warm towel on a cold morning!
8. A new vacuum.
9. Pillows! Lots of 'em!
10. Oven mitts and towels that match.
12. Table linens.
13. A chandelier for the dining room. Because the previous owner took the chandelier, left the crystal base, and put a bedroom fixture on it. Bleah.
So how about you? What would be on your list?



I love heated towels. I would like a towel heater too. I suppose that if I sychronize the towels in the dryer & taking showers, that might help a little.

Uisce said...

OMG what a great list! I'm wearing a bathrobe that doesn't match anything... except the inn where I bought it. yes, bought it! :) happy TT, mine's up!

Raggedy said...

We need a new fridge and microwave. How about a new car?
My silverware does not match anymore either. It is a bunch of different sets combined.
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Michelle Hasker said...

Great idea. We should start a trend. After you've been married ten years everyone has to buy you a new gift... hehehe. I'd be happy if I had enough spoons...

Selena Kitt said...

Registering is SO much fun! My then to be husband had the BEST time with the little price gun! LOL


Ciar Cullen said...

Man, I never had a bridal registry. Just flew off to the Bahamas. Cheap family. Damn!

Angela/SciFiChick said...

This will be the most fun for me if I ever plan a wedding of my own.

Jaci Burton said...

What a great idea. There are so many new kitchen thingies I want now. Like new knives. And cookware. Oooh oooh oooh. I could go on ;-)

Janene said...

My mom agrees 100% with you. My sister and I both got married within the last 4 years and she's had to throw 2 showers. She said that since she's been married for 30 years, it's our turn to throw a 30 year shower for her and she'll go register somewhere. :)

I didn't see a towel warmer when I was registering! I probably would have registered for one if I had!

Happy Thursday!

Annmarie McKenna said...

I'm all for the towel heater, LOL! I want one too :) My MIL once took the towels we'd chosen for our bathroom and hid them because they were "only for guests". I took them back out and put them up because they matched the dang bathroom and that's why we picked them. Duh!

Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

Flat screen tv and big feather pillows. And a chandelier (to swing from lol)

Christine said...

I would love to have new pots and pans. This sounds boring, but I really could use a new set. And heated towels...I need these...right now!

Angela James said...

I'd want a set of really nice kitchen knives. And a set of gorgeous pans. A Cuisinart would be fabulous. No bathrobes for me, though, I never remember to use the two I own!

Denise Patrick said...

I never had a bridal shower. So, I think it's time. After 23 years, I think I deserve one! Where's that Bed, Bath, and Beyond catalog when I need it?
My TT's up.

Karen Erickson said...

I'll take your entire list please. :)

Heated towels, what a luxury. My old boss had his floor heated in the bathroom. Talk about a perk on those cold mornings! Jeez...

Becka said...

Ah... It would indeed be wonderful to have a second shower. DH and I didn't have a bridal shower, we just got whatever gifties we got at our reception. We've been married (almost) 12 years too! Our anniversary is on March 25th. :)


Bianca D'Arc said...

Now that's a really great idea. After about 10 years, I think couples should qualify for an Anniversary Shower! LOL

Tempest Knight said...

OH yes, towels!

Kate Davies said...

Looks like towels are verrrry popular! Especially warm ones. I love grabbing one right out of the dryer, but it's usually cooled off by the time the shower's done. Therefore, the heated towel rack is a necessity, isn't it?

And I so hear you on the silverware/spoons. We never have enough, and the kids fight over the pointy spoon (the one that doesn't match -- of course!).

Ciar, I might have given up the registry for the chance at a trip to the Bahamas. :)

Annmarie, I about spit diet Coke all over the screen at your post. She HID your TOWELS? OMG.

And Becka, congrats on your upcoming anniversary! We just passed twelve years in December. :)