Thursday, March 29, 2007

Because Michelle Asked...'s a scan of me as a fictional character. :)
Need a little more backstory?

Way back when, a buddy of mine, Charlie Wise, wrote a series of comic books published by a local small press. Called Blue Moon: The Adventures of Lyssa and the Pirates, it was a fabulous time-travel/fantasy/romance with great characters, fun storylines, and amazing artwork.

In the final issue, Charlie named a character after me. Katiebob is the sweet, naive, heretofore unknown wife of Allen (Lyssa's sweetheart). She causes heartbreak, confusion, pain, and a major sea battle. She rocks!
Anyway, Michelle asked me to post a pic from the comic, so after much searching (note to self: helps to keep all of them in the same place), I found the right issue and scanned it in. And no, I don't think it looks much like me. (I think I look more like Lyssa, to be perfectly honest. She's the one with big glasses, looking stunned, in the middle of the second pic.)

So there you have it!

My claim to fame. After all, how many authors can both write fictional characters, and be one at the same time? :)


Michelle Pillow said...

That is so interesting, Kate. I've had fan fic pictures, but no comic books. So I take it your character broke up Lyssa and the pirate?

m-dith said...

Hee, hee! That's a hoot! :D

Kate Davies said...

Michelle --

Sadly, no. :) We were just a marriage of convenience, and Lyssa was the pirate's true love. Sigh.

M-dith --

Thought you'd appreciate it! Even if he did use an alternative spelling of the name.

Selena Kitt said...

You're tagged!
In my blog...