Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #9 -- Procrastination Edition!


1. Researching birthday party etiquette for Family magazine article.

2. Writing Family magazine article (due Friday).

3. Writing proposal for another novella trilogy.

4. Writing my newsletter.

5. Cleaning off my desk (who knows how deep the layers go? I'm thinking I can start identifying the age of items by their location in the strata.)

6. Folding laundry.

7. Digging through the filing cabinet for stray Hershey's Kisses. No, wait. That's what I'm attempting NOT to do.

8. Verifying status of students in online classes (the day job).

9. E-mailing H. S. counselors about students in online classes.

10. Making lunches for tomorrow.

11. Writing bills.

12. Changing my write-on-wipe-off calendar so it has upcoming months, not months past.

13. Sleeping -- because it's late, dammit! :)
So what are you putting off today?


Amelia Elias said...

You know, my mornings would go a lot smoother if I made the boys' lunches the night before. However, that requires planning...

Since it's after 3am, I think what I'm putting off today is sleeping!

Jenn L said...

I think Sleeping is the best thing on that list. LOL

Although you should write that Novella Trilogy and fast so I have something of yours to buy and read.

Have a great Thursday.

Mama Duck said...

Ugh, you and me both. Altho I do the online bill paying through my bank, super easy and no more writing checks, yay! Happy TT!

Lisa - Lil' Duck Duck

Emma Wayne Porter said...

I am putting off writing. Bad, bad girl.

I'm also avoiding rebuilding my website. I started from scratch yesterday, and I would rather do just about anything than go back to it.

I'll dig for the kisses. You recruit some of those kids to teach me CSS =)

Amanda Young said...

I hate folding laundry. I don't mind washing it, but dang do I hate putting it away. I'm terrible about letting it lie around half the day and wrinkle.

Annmarie McKenna said...

Editing Two Sighted and writing it's sequel.

Christine said...

I have so many things on my plate right now I can't really procrastinate. But by edits for my editor aren't happening as quickly as they should be. Need to get my but in gear!

Thanks for stopping by!

Michelle Pillow said...

LOL< there's always something we should be doing... I'm putting off housework. :)


Michelle Pillow said...

KATE! I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!! You should post pics on your blog from the comic book! That's the coolest thing ever! Just make sure you stop by and tell me when you do. :) Did the character look like you?


Sophisticated Writer said...

You hit a nerve there, Kate. Well...I should be writing right now. So off I go! LOL

Seriously, I should and I love your TT theme for the week. Might do it next time.

Will add you to my blogroll.

Keep writing!

Cat Marsters & Kate Johnson said...

You know, I'm glad I'm not the only one blogging about procrastination...