Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Book BIN, er, Wednesday :)

Ever heard the phrase, "A day late and a dollar short"?

Well, that's me these days. :)

What with end-of-month progress reports, and a 1100 word article on strangers due, oh, tomorrow, and two kids in fastpitch and the end of the school year staring me in the face, I'm WAAAAY off schedule for pretty much everything.

Which hopefully explains why I'm late with this week's Book BIN post.

I couldn't just put it off 'til next week, though, because I'm so excited about this book!

Fabu author Susanna Carr has a new release out, and it looks scrumptious. Bad Girl Bridesmaids is in stores today. Here's the scoop:

These bridesmaids are ready to trade in their taffeta dresses for something much sexier.
At a wedding, Kelsey Morgan meets a hot millionaire who's really going somewhere-and wants to take her with him-in "Serial Bridesmaid on the Loose."

Tara Watkins started a blog called "The Bridesmaid Diaries." Now she's about to see the best man who's been reading up on her-and is determined to relive a wild night from their past.
Feeling like the "Wedding Wrecker," Amber Hughes is a bridesmaid again-and this time she runs into a seductive former classmate who hopes to make this wedding even crazier than her last.


Don't they sound like fun? And even better, if you join my newsletter group before next Tuesday, *you* could win a copy of Bad Girl Bridesmaids! Yes, it's my prize for this month.

So go sign up! And don't forget to Buy It Now!

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Stacy~ said...

It sounds really, really good :)