Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #15 -- Thirteen Reasons I'm Not Ready For TT This Week


Thursday already?

I'm so not ready to write up a TT list this week. Here's why...

1. End of year stuff with the online learning program is keeping me busy.

2. Three fastpitch games so far this week, with another game and a practice still to come.

3. I had a great idea for a new trilogy and am itching to write it down.

4. I have to make a brunch dish for my mom's meeting tomorrow.

5. Weeds. They're taking over. I have to destroy them.

6. My youngest's preschool just announced they're shutting down after this year, and I have to find a new school for next year.

7. Laundry. It's taking over. I have to dest...oh, wait. Kids going to school naked. Never mind.

8. Edits for new manuscript submission need to be done.

9. Couldn't think of a topic.

10. Got sucked into a new book and couldn't put it down. (Bad Girl Bridesmaids, by Susanna Carr.)

11. Had to smoosh a spider that scampered across my office floor late last night and I'm still traumatized.

12. Forgot it was almost Thursday until just a few minutes ago.

13. It's more fun to whine. At least once in a while. :)

So what about you? What excuses are you using this week?


maggie said...

Almost sounds like a to do list for me. Happy TT!

p.s. Always good to whine. :)

Samantha Lucas said...

Actually I'm having really annoying computer problems, it's driving me nuts and it took me three hours to get my TT together!!! Like I had three hours to spare. Sheesh! I swear I'm such a perfectionist at times. lol

Kate Davies said...

Maggie -- yes, I cheated. That's what happens when I forget to do my TT for the week!

Samantha -- Hugs on the 'puter probs. Hope things get better soon!

Ingrid said...

yes it is!!! it's thursday, once again!!! time flies when we're having fun, but are we??? i guess so . . . . great T13 list for this week!!!

Xilly said...

With 13 excuses, completed one TT. Great job!

Happy TT!

Nicole Austin said...

You are way too busy! There's a good reason. LOL! Hmm...I might use that next week.

Elle Fredrix said...

LOL. I had a spidey experience yesterday too. I screamed like a girl. Yeah, I am a girl, but still.

For the most part I'm past my abject fear of them, but the biggest, fattest spider I've ever seen snuck into my house. It was me and the central vac (no way I was touching that thing) against the spider, (which apparently had suction cups on it's feet) I won. I course, I'm living in fear that it's crawling back up the CV hose.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

I like #3 the best, Kate. Get writing! :-D As for me, I'm busy with edits and trying to finish up a manuscript. Wow, time just scoots right by when you're writing, doesn't it?

Becka said...

Too funny, Kate. I'm the same way every Thursday, trying like mad to think of a topic. It's funny, the topics are truly endless, yet it takes forever to think of one. I liked yours. LOL


dew said...

I have a secret, which is that I write mine over the weekend and then post them Wednesday night! So I didn't need any excuses this time. But I'm keeping your idea in mind in case i ever need it!

she said...

Whish, quit whinging (sorry, couldn't resist).

Fear of public nakedness is probably the only reason laundry gets done around my house. It's my least favourite chore.