Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #18 -- Summer Songs

It's getting hot out here!

In honor of today's 90-plus-degree weather, I've come up with a list of 13 of my fave summertime songs. Some have the word summer in them, some are just quintessential summer-sounding tunes. Break out the sunscreen and flip-flops, baby. Here comes summer!

1. In the Summertime, Mungo Jerry
2. Hot Fun in the Summer Time, Sly and the Family Stone
3. Summer, War
4. Boys of Summer, Don Henley
5. Warm California Sun, The Rivieras
6. Vacation, Go-Gos
7. California Girls, the Beach Boys
8. Under the Boardwalk, The Drifters
9. Soak up the Sun, Cheryl Crow
10. Summer Song, Chad and Jeremy
11. School's Out, Alice Cooper
12. Miserlou, Dick Dale and His Del-Tones
13. Summer Lovin', Grease

What did I miss? What's your favorite tune for the lazy days of summer?


Christine said...

I am sitting here in a tank top with the fan on, and I can truly say - It's hot. To your list I'd add Summertime - either by Ella Fitzgerald or Morcheeba.

WendyWings said...

Tomorrow is actually the first day of WINTER for me, I love your list though. School is out for SUMMER here in December haha.

Nicholas said...

George Gershwin's "Summertime" or "Lazin' on a Sunny Afternoon" by The Kinks

sasha said...

I like Soak up the Sun by Sheryl Crow as well :)

Happy TT! That is one hot weather you have there. Here in our country it's already the rainy season.

Come on over and read my T13 :)

N.J.Walters said...

It's actually at the freezing mark here today, so I could definitely use the reminder of summer! :-)

Christine said...

I LOVE Boys of Summer! I don't know what it is about that song, but it always strikes a chord in me. There was a pretty good remake of it a few years ago, but Don's version is still the best.

Stacy~ said...

"All the Way" by the Raspberries always reminds me of summer. LOVE that song.

And "Hot In Here" by Nelly. "La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin. Sean Paul's song, I can't remember the name (something about "you can be the mom, I can be the dad" LOL).

LA Day said...

I like Soak Up the Sun but I love the Grease Movie.

Mommy's My Name said...

I love these songs. Great TT. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

Lorelei James said...

Ooh, it's cold and raining here in the wild west...but I'd like to add "Hot Child In The City" as a fave :)

R.G. ALEXANDER said...

Great songs-definitely get me in the mood for some back yard lounging :)

Miss Frou Frou said...

Great TT - love School's Out

Kate Davies said...

First, apologies for not acknowledging right off that it's only summer in this particular hemisphere -- thanks for the reminder that the 'net is truly global!

And thanks for the great song suggestions, too. I had a really tough time narrowing the list down. I think I can feel a mix CD coming on!

Cat Marsters & Kate Johnson said...

Great list! Although the pedant in me wants to correct Sheryl's spelling (my mother calls her Cheryl just to annoy me).

I'd suggest Surfin' USA....but you know, you could fill a whole list with the Beach Boys!

Lauren Dane said...

I just throw on the Beach Boys Greatest! Maybe a little Jan and Dean.

Oh, Wipeout!

Anonymous said...

Great list of summer songs! And yes, "Boys of Summer" rocks. :-D

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog!

Samantha Lucas said...

Boys of summer always reminds me of my first love. It was a summer thing and that song was everywhere. lol

m-dith said...

Lazy day
Made for a stroll in the lane
Baby, you and me
And the honey bee
Lazy day
Lazy day
Lazy day for you and me...

I'll stop singing now. ;) Anyway, I have work to do, so not so much with the lazy today.

Becka said...

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy..."

:P I love summer songs!


Raggedy said...

Great tune list..
I like Summer Wine The Corrs and Bono I think I have the vid on my blog somewhere...
Stay cool..90 sounds so HOT!
Happy TT'ing
My TT is posted..

Renee B said...

Great list--I think I'll download a few of those to the ipod for the beach...

I read Lots from Samhain.. :)

Sophisticated Writer said...

Congrats on another book release.

Yup, summer is here and I need some summer songs to cheer me up :D