Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #16 -- Thirteen Things I'm Looking Forward To

Thirteen things I'm looking forward to...

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I probably won't be camping out at the bookstore the night before, but it'll be in my hot little hands within the first week.
2. My 20th high school reunion, in August.
Followed by...
3. The release of Tease Me, Please Me, three days later! (See post directly below for a peek at the cover.)
4. The end of fastpitch. Does this season last for a year and a half, or is it just me?
5. The end of the school year, and summer vacation.
6. Disneyland, baby!
7. Suz Brockmann's newest release (August 14, but who's counting?)
8. Finally buying a wireless set-up for the home computers.
9. RWA 2008. No, that's not a typo. I can't make it this year -- but next year is already marked on my calendar.
10. Parent's Night Out. Once a month, our health club provides a night of free babysitting. The DH and I get a dinner out together, sans kids. Woo-hoo!
11. Shrek the Third, which I think will be our first whole-family movie theater experience.
12. Polishing up a few manuscripts and getting them out the door.
13. The laundry finally being done so I can go to bed. *wink*


Fence said...

The new Shrek does look great doesn't it? And I'll be reading the new HP asap too.

Happy T13

Nicole Austin said...

Great list. Shrek is on my list too, along with a summer vacation. Yay!

Christine said...

Wow Kate, I love your new cover! That's hot. :)

And I can't wait to see Shrek the Third. I want to take my kids, but it's so expensive to take a family of four to the movies these days. I'll have to count my pennies.

Emma Wayne Porter said...

Funny, mine comes out 3 days after my 20th this summer, too.

*cues the twilight zone music*

Ditto on Shrek The Third. I've been waiting on that one a looooong time.

Samantha Lucas said...

You're going to Disneyland?!!

Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you! Take me with you!

Jorrie Spencer said...

Suz Brockmann, yay! I didn't know she had a book coming out this summer. I wonder whose it is?

dawnae said...

I absolutely look so forward to summer carpool....yeah!!! Am definitely looking forward to harry potter movie and Book!!! Fun list!

gabriella hewitt said...

I'm looking forward to a lot of the same too. Congrats on the release. Very hot cover! Yeah you!

And now I have to check out what Suz Brockmann is releasing. I love her stuff.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy TT.

Kate Davies said...

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! For those interested in Suz Brockmann's latest, the hero is Ric Alvarado, who appeared in (checking bookshelf) Gone Too Far.

And it appears I'm not alone in looking forward to Shrek! :)

Samantha, you crack me up! Gee, if you *really* want to cram into our minivan for a multi-state, multi-hour road trip with three whiny kids just to go to Disneyland, let's talk. :)