Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Holy Cats!

That's my three-year-old's favorite expression. I've been saying it a lot today because Angie told me my new book is on the schedule for this fall.

Oh, have I mentioned that I sold another book to Samhain? :)

It's a fun, contemporary romance set in the tiny European country of Laurivenia.

What, you've never heard of Laurivenia? Just because I made it up? Sheesh...

Anyway, the working title is Counterfeit Nanny, though that's probably going to change. (Becka Goings...paging Becka Goings...Title Goddess assistance needed, stat!) And for those of you who've been asking "When are you going to write something LONGER?"

...here ya go.

Granted, it's category-length, but that's still twice as long as my novellas. :P

So I'm excited and thrilled and nervous and scared to look at the calendar. Holy cats, indeed.

Hope your week is going well!


Becka said...

I'd love to help ya, what's the plot? :) Do you have a blurb?


Kate Davies said...

Um, yeah. The blurb. Found out yesterday that's needed ASAP, too. :) I'll have one up in a couple of days.

And thanks for the willingness to help, oh Title Goddess. :D

m-dith said...

Eek! Blubs! But easier than summaries, no? ;-)