Friday, October 19, 2012

Authors Against Bullying - The Party Invitation

Several years ago, our family was out of town for spring break when FutureStar informed us in a panic that we had to go home early. We were enjoying our time away and really didn't want to leave. Even more so, when FS told us the reason for returning early was for a birthday party for a kid we'd never heard of before.

Seriously? We were supposed to cut our vacation short for some acquaintance? FS had never even mentioned the boy before now.

But then we heard the reason why this party was so important.

Apparently, this boy wasn't treated very well by his fellow students. He was different - different interests, different clothing, prone to acting out in class. And they tended to avoid him most of the time. Then, right before spring break, he brought in party invitations to every student in class.

He put the invitations on each desk, and announced that he hoped some of his classmates could attend the party. What FutureStar described next nearly broke my heart.

They threw the invitations on the floor. Laughed at the suggestion that they would go to this boy's party. Mocked him both behind his back and to his face. "I have to go to the party," FutureStar told us. "Someone from our class needs to be there. And no one else is going to go."

After that, there was no question. We packed up and headed home early, picked up a present, and on the day of the party FutureStar was on his doorstep, ready to celebrate with him.

Did any of the other kids in class show up? No. And FutureStar did endure some teasing from classmates when word got out. But that didn't matter. It was the right thing to do. And, eventually, the bullying in class stopped as well.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to be a friend to the friendless, the bullied, the outcast.

Stop bullying, one connection at a time.

Mandy M. Roth
Yasmine Galenorn
Lauren Dane
Michelle M. Pillow
Kate Douglas
Shawntelle Madison
Leah Braemel
Aaron Crocco
NJ Walters
Jax Garren
Shelli Stevens
Melissa Schroeder
Jaycee Clark
Shawna Thomas
Ella Drake
E.J. Stevens
Ashley Shaw
Jeaniene Frost
Rachel Caine
Kate Rothwell
Jackie Morse Kessler
Jaye Wells
Kate Angell
Melissa Cutler
PT Michelle
Patrice Michelle
Julie Leto
Kaz Mahoney
Cynthia D'Alba
Jesse L. Cairns
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Jess Haines
Phoebe Conn
Jessa Slade
Kate Davies
Lynne Silver
Taryn Blackthorne
Margaret Daley
Alyssa Day
Aaron Dries
Lisa Whitefern
Rhyannon Byrd
Carly Phillips
Leslie Kelly
Janelle Denison
Graylin Fox
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Barbara Winkes
Harmony Evans
Mary Eason
Ann Aguirre
Lucy Monroe
Nikki Duncan
Kerry Schafer
Ruth Frances Long