Friday, May 20, 2016

Going For Broke - A Friday Excerpt!

Want a little taste of Going For Broke? Here's an excerpt for you. Enjoy!

“Dance or drink? Your call.” She tilted her head first toward her table, which was a few steps in one direction, and then the dance floor, which was about the same distance in the other direction. “We’ll keep you busy so no one bothers you.”
She was right. Everyone had gone back to their conversations, the brief interlude where he’d stood in the local spotlight had passed. Not unlike his career.
“Dance,” he said quickly. Not interested in being social just yet.
Or maybe he just really wanted to hold Mia in his arms and find out if his memory was as good as he feared it was.
The song changed as they approached the dance floor, and he spun her into his arms to the beat of the music. One hand clasped hers close to his heart, the other pressed against the small of her back. She smelled like suntan lotion and sandalwood.
The scent spun him back a decade, to a crowded riverbank surrounded by his friends and classmates. Back then, she’d been the one to take him in her arms, probably spurred on by the Booze he could taste on her lips when she’d kissed him.
Really kissed him, not those stage kisses their characters had shared.
She’d fit in his arms, but not in his plans. He was already packed and ready to go. And he knew Mia wasn’t just looking for a grad night good time.
So he’d let her down, as quickly and as nicely as he could manage, even though every cell in his body had urged him to take her up on her offer.
He’d tried to be a gentleman. But rejecting her in front of everyone hadn’t been his best move ever. He could still recall the stricken look on her face, and the way she’d fled as the whole crowd watched.
“Been a while?”
Her question, murmured right in his ear, snapped him back to the present. “Excuse me?”
She pushed at his shoulder with her hand, grinning up at him. “Usually, when people dance, they move a little. Or maybe this is some Hollywood trend?”
He realized with a start that they were just standing there in the middle of the tiny dance floor. Grimacing, he started to move. “Sorry. Lost in thought.”
“It’s okay.” She was quiet for a while, her face contemplative. “So you really hate that catchphrase, don’t you?”
He sighed. “That obvious, huh?”
“Why do you think I activated my damsel-in-shining-armor routine?”
“Thanks for that, by the way.” He turned her around to the beat of the music. “I didn’t always hate it. The catchphrase, I mean.”
“I did,” she said simply, which made him laugh.
“Oh, you did, huh? No love for the worst pun of all time?”
She wrinkled her nose, which just made her look more adorable. “Your character was so much more than a punch line, but that turned Hugh into a walking joke. I thought you deserved more.”
Reflexively, he pulled her closer. A surge of fondness swept through him. “Thank you,” he said.
Then he noticed her breasts were brushing his chest and his thigh pressed between her legs, and something other than fondness gripped him.

God, she felt good in his arms.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Going for Broke - Out NOW!

It's here!


My new book, Going For Broke, is finally available! Part of the Sapphire Falls Kindle World, this novella features Chase and Mia, two former scene partners who discover that connecting again as adults can really cause a scene...

Is it better to play it safe, or go for broke?

Eleven years ago, Chase Hamilton left Sapphire Falls for the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. Now he's back, and wondering if fame and fortune were meant to be, or even what he wants any more. Especially now that he's reconnecting with his high school scene partner, Mia Gonzales.

Mia never really left Sapphire Falls – or the drama program where she spent four years crushing on Chase. Memory of her failed attempt to turn their stage chemistry into a real-life relationship after graduation makes her wary of new pursuits with him. Now he's back, for a little while at least, and hotter than ever. Would a little summer fling be so bad?

Available only on Amazon, and only $1.99! Find out what shenanigans this Hollywood actor and small town drama teacher can get up to during the Sapphire Falls festival!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year Sale at Samhain!

By now, you've probably heard of the impending closure of Samhain Publishing, my first publisher (and the one that's got ten of my books still for sale). I'm very sad to see them go, especially since they've always behaved in an ethical, honest, and professional manner. Case in point - the way they're handling their closure. We're still going to get our royalties, they'll be reverting our rights back to us as authors during the process, they're keeping us all informed and in the loop. No surprises, no missing royalties, none of that.

So they're closing. But not quite yet. The doors are open - and the books are for sale - as they go through this slow process. And the more books that sell during this time frame, the better able they are to keep royalties flowing and creditors paid.

So buy books! Complete that series you never got around to finishing. Pick up some titles by authors you've heard of but haven't tried. See if you've missed anything good lately - or from a while back. And today is an even better opportunity to fill that TBR shelf, because Samhain is having a Leap Year sale, with all e-books 40% off on their site.

Here's my author page, if you're so inclined. I'll be buying a bunch of titles from Samhain today to support my friends, my favorite authors, and the publisher who gave me my start and supported me all along the way. I hope you find some books you'd like to pick up, too.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Book BIN Tuesday - A Double Feature!

Today, TWO of my fellow Naughties have books out! First up is Kelly Jamieson's NO OBLIGATION REQUIRED:

To err is human, to forgive is against his policy.

Brew Crew, Book 2

Bailey Harris is eager to move up at Huxworth Packard. Her mentor advises her to network more after hours. But that means she’ll have to reveal the reason she rushes out of the office at five o’clock on the dot--and it’s not for happy hour Cosmos.

On the other hand, more office time means more opportunities to feast her eyes on the firm’s executive creative director, the gorgeous, brilliant Mason Ward.

Mason sure has noticed the sweet, sexy media girl, but with a past that left his heart an echo chamber, his focus is on work. The occasional itch he scratches with meaningless, emotionless hook-ups. 
Though he’s determined to keep his hands off Bailey, he can’t resist when she makes it very clear she wants his hands on.

They’re on the same sexy page about their relationship--Bailey doesn’t have the time, and Mason doesn’t have the heart. But when meaningless sex suddenly becomes very meaningful, they find themselves in dangerous emotional waters.

Warning: This book contains a girl with a mad crush, a mad man with a mysterious past, secrets, lies, and shoes.

Plus Meg Benjamin's Love in the Morning:

Breakfast with benefits...

The reality show Lovely Ladies of L.A. should have launched Lizzy Apodaca's catering company into solvency. Instead, when her carefully prepared appetizers mysteriously gave the cast on-camera food poisoning, she lost everything.

To make matters worse, her car breaks down in Salt Box, Colorado, a town not much bigger than a salt shaker. But maybe her luck is changing—the handsome owner of Praeger House, the town's premier hotel, needs a kitchen assistant.

Clark Denham realizes his diamond in the rough is a polished gem when Lizzy steps up to save the hotel's breakfast buffet after his temperamental head chef quits. It isn't long before she's winning his heart as smoothly and efficiently as she runs his kitchen.

Their relationship goes from simmer to rolling boil with the speed of a short order cook. But when a bevy of not-so-lovely ladies shows up in Salt Box, Lizzy's past disaster threatens to flatten her happily ever after faster than a falling soufflĂ©. 

Warning: Contains salty dialogue, several servings of high-carb cooking, and a big platter of screaming-hot bedroom delights.

How could you resist either one? So why not run on out and Buy (Them) Now? 

No Obligation Required
Love in the Morning