Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - Master Class by Cassandra Carr

Ryan Tomasi feels like a failure. His marriage is officially over; the ink dried on the divorce decree. His friend Jack introduces him to BDSM and he agrees to attend a Halloween party at a club. A submissive approaches him, offering herself, and how can he refuse the kneeling beauty? They do a whirlwind scene and Ryan is addicted—both to dominance and to her.

Lisette Rinaldo is returning to the BDSM club for the first time since ending a bad relationship with her former master. She spots Ryan and is taken by the combination of self-assurance and nervousness the man displays as he takes in his surroundings. And after he gives her an incredible re-introduction to the lifestyle, she knows she needs to see the man again.

Ryan and Lisette explore each other and the lifestyle, but what started out as playtime quickly evolves into something more. The problem? Ryan isn’t ready to get serious again and Lisette doesn’t want to fall in love with a guy who can’t give all of himself to her. Both of them are going to have to break out of the bonds holding them back from happiness.

Interest is piqued, right? So why not head on out and Buy It Now?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - Finders Keepers

Hear ye, hear ye! All new PG Forte book, out now!

Sometimes finding what you want is the easy part.

Caleb is a bionic soldier with little-to-no memory of his past. He's seeking the truth about himself and those missing memories.

Aldo's an undercover cop who just might have the answers to Caleb's questions. But if Caleb's the man Aldo thinks he is, how can he let him get away a second time?

Then there's Sally; she's an ER physician who used to be married to Aldo's late partner, Davis. Sally's not dealing with widowhood very well. In fact, it's getting harder, every day, just to find a reason to keep getting out of bed. If the truth about the men's shared past comes to light, she could lose them both. Along with her last, best reason to go on living.

This holiday season, chance will bring them together and give them an opportunity to help one another find what they each want most. But every gift comes with a price. And keeping what they've found once they've found it? Yeah, that's gonna be the hard part.


Sounds fabulous! Can't wait to run out and Buy It Now!

Friday, December 07, 2012

New Cover Reveal!

So, remember that reunion trilogy I've been working on lately? I just got the first cover. Most Likely To Succeed will be available from Carina Press in March 2013.

Weekend = made.

Love, love, love it!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - Luna Sea by Kim Roberts

You guys! I'm so excited! The co-owner of my favorite winery, Kim Roberts, is now a mystery author!

Here are the deets:

In Luna Sea the natural beauty of Maui, along with the realities of island life reveals a different Paradise than that seen by most visitors. While surfing off Maui, Hawaii’s famed Valley Isle, the new Lahaina harbormaster Aloha Jones finds herself in dangerous seas. What Jones initially thought was going to be the rescue of a snorkeler hit by a catamaran turns out to be the recovery of the body of water taxi owner and harbor troublemaker Dan Colley.

Her Coast Guard law enforcement background makes her question if the death a tragic accident or a premeditated murder. Aloha’s boss with the Hawaii State Harbors Division, Max Yake, and his sidekick, Marine Enforcement Officer Gil Mangas, conclude it’s an accident. Investigators Officer Awiwi Lono’s and Detective Ho Killingsworth’s questions reveal something else, while reporter Brita Beamer from the local newspaper is less than forthcoming on what she knows.
In the process Aloha finds no lack of suspects—not to mention a whole raft of motives—as she gets to know Colley’s crazy girlfriend Zhen Blue and her daughter, Momi; former lead singer of the band Deaf Lesbians, Koni Ke, who looks like an Amish Rastafarian; Aloha’s ex-husband Snake; and a street person who resembles a cross between a Shar-pei and a supermodel. Possible motives behind the murder range from money to love to race. As Aloha wades through information to find the truth, in the ocean and on the beach, she faces real threats from sharks of all type.

****   Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Why not try out a new author and Buy It Now? (And if you're ever on the coast of Washington, stop by Westport Winery and try some of their amazing wines, too!)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - The Treasure

It's that time of year again - holiday story time! And in the spirit of the season, here's my first Book BIN for the holidays, The Treasure by Teresa Scott.

Gentle Fawn longs to give her husband a baby, but when yet another child is stillborn, she begs the Great Spirit to give the love in her husband’s heart to a woman who can give him many sons.

Grieving along with his wife, Hawk Catcher overhears Gentle Fawn’s desperate plea and vows to ease the pain in his beloved's heart.

Through the magic of the season, their prayers are answered by two bumbling trappers... and a goat.


So get in the holiday mood and buy it now!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - Spice and Secrets

It's no secret that I love Suleikha Snyder's writing. And here's a new novella, out today, for you to see why!

When fear writes the past, only love can direct the future.

Bollywood Confidential, Book 2
Priya Roy is back in Bollywood with a rock-hard body, a precious gem of a secret and a heart of ice. Producer/director Rahul Anand won’t waste this second chance at his first love. He’ll melt Priya’s resistance at any cost—even if it means returning to acting and negotiating his way onto her next project. Hell, if she’d give him half a chance, he’d write himself into every scene of her life.

Talk show host Sunita “Sunny” Khanna and her brand-new producer, Davey Shaw, are determined to get Rahul and Priya on her show for a ratings-boosting reunion episode. She and Davey strike instant sparks, but Sunny, burned after her disastrous marriage to a Bollywood bad boy, is determined not to fall into the fire.

Lurking on the edges of the frame is Rahul’s stepmother, trouble-making man-eater Nina Manjrekar. And when she hijacks the script, only honesty can turn a first draft into the romantic superhit it’s meant to be.

Warning: This book contains smoking, smoking and then kissing, kissing while lying, and some really, really questionable décor.

**** Seriously, go check her out! And it would be a perfect time to Buy It Now!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - Stellarnet Prince by JL Hilton

An otherworldly love. Human blogger Genny O’Riordan shares two alien lovers: Duin, a leader of the Uprising, and Belloc, the only surviving member of the reviled Glin royal family. Their relationship has inspired millions of followers–and incited vicious anti-alien attacks.

A planet at risk. A Stellarnet obsessed with all things alien brings kidnappers, sex traffickers and environmental exploitation to Glin. Without weapons or communications technology, the planet cannot be defended. Glin will be ravaged and raided until nothing remains.

A struggle for truth. On Earth, Duin discovers a secret that could spur another rebellion, while on Glin, Belloc’s true identity could endanger their family and everything they’ve fought for. Have the Glin found true allies in humanity, or an even more deadly foe?


Sounds fascinating, doesn't it? So why not head on out and Buy It Now?

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen Things I Ate (and drank) In New Orleans

I loved, loved, LOVED New Orleans. The music, the architecture, the people, the nightlife, the mood of the city as a whole. But what I loved the most - and what I really miss right now - was the food.

When I travel, I make it a point to try food that's specific to the location and/or something I can't get at home. And with the wide variety of food associated with New Orleans, it was easy to come up with 13 items. Now I'm hungry!

1. Beignets. From Cafe du Monde, of course. Little wrought iron tables, dusted with powdered sugar, and lines of people waiting for a seat no matter what time of day or night.

2. Gumbo. When I told GPS that I was going to New Orleans, the first question was, "Are you going to eat gumbo?" This question was repeated until the photo was sent as proof.

3. Jambalaya.

4. French toast with pecan praline topping. Rich, sweet, and oh so satisfying. From the Somethin' Else cafe.

5. Crawfish po'boy. Grubbin' food for the first night in the city. At Huck Finn's Cafe.

6. Red beans and rice.

7. Hurricanes. Did you know that you can walk down the street with an open drink container there? This was a revelation.

8. Gator and sausage boudin. Little fried balls of rice, alligator meat, and sausage.

9. Lemon meringue pie martini.

10. Pulled pork over corn cakes topped with corn maque choux. Part of the tasting menu at the Audubon Tea Room reception.

(The following were from the same dinner, a "foodie" feast at Apolline's I won at the work conference I attended the second half of my stay. It was ah-mah-zing.)

11. Heirloom tomato salad with goat cheese feta.

12. Crispy confit of duck leg with grilled zucchini and a quail egg.

13. Brioche bread pudding with praline sauce.

Now head on over to Nine Naughty Novelists for more New Orleans memories!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - An Infamous Marriage

Northumberland, 1815

At long last, Britain is at peace, and General Jack Armstrong is coming home to the wife he barely knows. Wed for mutual convenience, their union unconsummated, the couple has exchanged only cold, dutiful letters. With no more wars to fight, Jack is ready to attempt a peace treaty of his own.

Elizabeth Armstrong is on the warpath. She never expected fidelity from the husband she knew for only a week, but his scandalous exploits have made her the object of pity for years. Now that he’s back, she has no intention of sharing her bed with him—or providing him with an heir—unless he can earn her forgiveness. No matter what feelings he ignites within her…

Jack is not expecting a spirited, confident woman in place of the meek girl he left behind. As his desire intensifies, he wants much more than a marriage in name only. But winning his wife’s love may be the greatest battle he’s faced yet.


Sounds fabulous, no? So head on over and Buy It Now!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Authors Against Bullying - The Party Invitation

Several years ago, our family was out of town for spring break when FutureStar informed us in a panic that we had to go home early. We were enjoying our time away and really didn't want to leave. Even more so, when FS told us the reason for returning early was for a birthday party for a kid we'd never heard of before.

Seriously? We were supposed to cut our vacation short for some acquaintance? FS had never even mentioned the boy before now.

But then we heard the reason why this party was so important.

Apparently, this boy wasn't treated very well by his fellow students. He was different - different interests, different clothing, prone to acting out in class. And they tended to avoid him most of the time. Then, right before spring break, he brought in party invitations to every student in class.

He put the invitations on each desk, and announced that he hoped some of his classmates could attend the party. What FutureStar described next nearly broke my heart.

They threw the invitations on the floor. Laughed at the suggestion that they would go to this boy's party. Mocked him both behind his back and to his face. "I have to go to the party," FutureStar told us. "Someone from our class needs to be there. And no one else is going to go."

After that, there was no question. We packed up and headed home early, picked up a present, and on the day of the party FutureStar was on his doorstep, ready to celebrate with him.

Did any of the other kids in class show up? No. And FutureStar did endure some teasing from classmates when word got out. But that didn't matter. It was the right thing to do. And, eventually, the bullying in class stopped as well.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to be a friend to the friendless, the bullied, the outcast.

Stop bullying, one connection at a time.

Mandy M. Roth
Yasmine Galenorn
Lauren Dane
Michelle M. Pillow
Kate Douglas
Shawntelle Madison
Leah Braemel
Aaron Crocco
NJ Walters
Jax Garren
Shelli Stevens
Melissa Schroeder
Jaycee Clark
Shawna Thomas
Ella Drake
E.J. Stevens
Ashley Shaw
Jeaniene Frost
Rachel Caine
Kate Rothwell
Jackie Morse Kessler
Jaye Wells
Kate Angell
Melissa Cutler
PT Michelle
Patrice Michelle
Julie Leto
Kaz Mahoney
Cynthia D'Alba
Jesse L. Cairns
TJ Michaels
Jess Haines
Phoebe Conn
Jessa Slade
Kate Davies
Lynne Silver
Taryn Blackthorne
Margaret Daley
Alyssa Day
Aaron Dries
Lisa Whitefern
Rhyannon Byrd
Carly Phillips
Leslie Kelly
Janelle Denison
Graylin Fox
Lee McKenzie
Barbara Winkes
Harmony Evans
Mary Eason
Ann Aguirre
Lucy Monroe
Nikki Duncan
Kerry Schafer
Ruth Frances Long

Friday, July 20, 2012

Where'd It Go?

No, you're not imagining things. My blog is currently gone - or at least all the posts in it are. Thanks to the news that a fellow author has been sued by a photographer for using one of his pictures in a blog post, I've pulled all my posts so I can a) determine if there are any photos without proper permission or attribution, and b) fix them if necessary.

There's a lot on my blog that's perfectly fine - cover art, photos shared with me by the subject or photographer, stuff I have license to use - but there's other photos I'm just not sure. Sadly, one of the main items that's sure to go is the Inspiration Friday posts, at least in the format they've previously taken.

But most of the 731 posts will be back, in some form or another. If you subscribe to my blog and get email notifications that something new has posted, you might want to turn off that function for a while as the posts are re-published. And it could take a while, since I'm currently in the middle of a move AND have a book due at the end of August.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope you'll stop by once the blog is up and running again!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - Forever Men

Walls crumble when you build a forever love.

As a couple, the deep, sensual connection between Desi and Alec is imaginative and limitless, even though Desi’s fear that love is transient keeps her from telling her man how she feels. Fun-loving Alec, who lost his parents in a tragic accident, has found that kind of forever love again. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep it, including giving Desi the one thing he lacks—a partner with a serious side.

With their fledgling construction company headed for the skids if they don’t finish the job on time, Desi and Alec are frantic to catch up. Enter Alec’s friend, Matt, a man haunted by the “dull and unimaginative” label his ex-fiancé pinned on him.

Working side by side, a thirst grows that seems unquenchable and each must come to terms with old hurts in order to consider possibilities never before imagined.

This is Lace Daltyn's first erotic novella, and it looks hot, doesn't it? Why not head on over and Buy It Now?

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Guess What I'm Doing Next Week?

Girls’ Night Out

Join us for a fun night of romance, wine, food and pampering at Sage Book Store
Friday, July 13th 6-9 pm

Romance Authors Attending/Signing include:

Kate Davies - “Take A Chance On Me”
Jami Davenport – “Fourth and Goal”
Theresa Scott – “Love Rehab”
Shey Stahl – “Racing on the Edge”
Laurie Ryan – “Stolen Treasures” and “Pirate’s Promise”

$10.00 reserves a space, a latte and includes a donation to Meals on Wheels!
Sage Book Store 116 W. Railroad Avenue Shelton, WA 98584

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - Moonshell Beach

He no longer believed in anything.

But she believed in him.

J.T. Douchett has returned home to shut out the world and escape the memories from his final mission as a Marine that haunt him. When he reluctantly agrees to provide security for a town event, the last thing he expects is to experience unbidden feelings for Irish movie star Mary Joyce.

Mary has surprised everyone—including herself—by accepting an invitation to a film festival in Shelter Bay. The Oregon coastal town immediately charms her, and an even larger surprise is encountering the stoic man who could be everything she's dreamed of.

As J.T. struggles to keep Mary at arm’s length, Mary reminds herself that she’s never been attracted to the strong, silent type. And having known so much sorrow, he’s wary of getting close to anyone. But in Shelter Bay, even the most strongly guarded heart is no match for love.

I adore JoAnn Ross's books, and am SO excited she's got a new one out today! I think it's the perfect opportunity to bop on over and buy it now.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Summer Movies - What Are You Excited to See?

I'm so far behind in my movie viewing, it isn't even funny. But I'd like to change that, and see at least a few flicks during the summer blockbuster season. So my question is - what movie are you looking forward to seeing? Or maybe more specifically, what movies should *I* be excited about? What's coming up that really should be seen on the big screen?

Help a girl out! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guest Blogger Kelly Jamieson - For The Love of Hockey!

I grew up watching hockey with my mom and my grandma (her mom) on television every Saturday night – Hockey Night in Canada. Strangely my dad wasn’t all that interested in hockey and used to nap on the couch during games. As a teenager, my first boyfriend played hockey and I used to go watch some of his games. He also liked to go to live games, and our local team was the Brandon Wheat Kings (yes, we lived on the prairies J). I remember sitting in the Keystone Centre watching the Wheat Kings while my boyfriend patiently explained what icing was, why they just gave a penalty and what made a play offside. I think I tried to be interested mostly because I wanted him to like me, but it somehow turned into a real love of the game!

When I started writing romance, I wanted to write a story with a hockey player hero, but hesitated because I kept hearing you shouldn’t write about heroes who are professional athletes. Athletes are big and muscular and strong. When they’re successful,  they’re confident, wealthy and famous. Are these heroic qualities?

Well, big muscles and a sexy smile are important for a romance hero, but qualities of determination, passion, loyalty, dedication, sacrifice and courage are important for heroes too. And don’t professional athletes have all those?

One Man Advantage, out today, is the third book I’ve written with a hot hockey player hero. Logan Heller is the younger brother of Jason (Breakaway) and Tag (Faceoff). While he’s a talented hockey player in his own right, it wasn’t easy following in the steps of such superstar older brothers.

But a hero is brave enough to face his insecurities and flaws and steps up when life is difficult. In One Man Advantage, Logan gets traded to a new team and even though he knows it’s part of the business and not personal, it still feels like a punch in the gut. He’s faced with starting over, with a new team, in a new city. He feels bitter and resentful and it would be tempting to let those feelings out, to whine and complain. But that’s not the kind of guy Logan is. And when he falls in love, he’s the kind of guy who sacrifices his career to protect the woman he loves, even when she’s stomping all over his heart because of her own insecurities.

Here’s the blurb for One Man Advantage:

After her ex trashes her reputation in front of the media and it quickly goes viral, Nicole vows she’ll never get involved with another hockey player. Too bad her job with the Minneapolis Caribou puts her in contact with sexy hockey players on a daily basis, including the newly traded center, Logan Heller. Logan’s pretty sure Nicole is the perfect woman for him and he’s determined to have her—in and out of bed. Nicole is equally determined to never date another hockey player. But Logan has a one man advantage...he knows what she really wants. 

Kelly Jamieson is a best-selling author of over twenty romance novels and novellas.  Her writing has been described as “emotionally complex”, “sweet and satisfying” and “blisteringly sexy”. Where you can find Kelly:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - Spice and Smoke

You guys. YOU GUYS. I am so excited about this release, I can't even.

Bollywood? Forbidden passion? I'm so there. And you should be too! Just check it out:

When the cameras stop rolling, the real scene begins.

To their adoring public, Avi Kumar and Trishna Chaudhury are Bollywood’s sweethearts. Behind closed doors, their open marriage lets them freely indulge in all manner of forbidden passions. The arrangement suits them both, but as they begin filming on the set of their new movie, the heat of new and rekindled flames singes the pages of what they thought would be a fresh script.

When costars Michael Gill and Harsh Mathur arrive on set, the sexual temperature goes up exponentially—at least for Trish. She can’t take her eyes of Harsh, for whom she’s carried a torch for years. Avi’s instant attraction to Michael, however, bounces off Michael’s solid wall of resistance.

Meanwhile, ex-boyfriends Vikram Malhotra and Sam Khanna, cast as fictional enemies, are finding it harder and harder to control the very real demons that once cost them the love of a lifetime.

Once the music starts, though, they all have no choice but to dance . And pray the fallout doesn’t ruin all their careers…and destroy their love.

Seriously, doesn't it sound fab? Why not head over to Samhain and Buy It Now?

Monday, April 09, 2012

Meet The Author Monday - Suleikha Snyder

NAME:  Suleikha Snyder

BLOG: http://suleikhasnyder.blogspot.com

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/suleikhasnyder

TITLE OF FIRST BOOK: Spice and Smoke


FAVORITE WRITING STORY/SAYING/MEMORY: “Brevity is the soul of wit,” from Shakespeare’s favorite windbag, Polonius. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said it — both to myself and to people whose (nonfiction!) work I’ve edited. Whether it’s short, sweet, sexy or funny, never underestimate the effectiveness of getting right to the point.

FAVORITE NON-WRITING STORY/SAYING/MEMORY: I’ve never watched the U.S. version of The Office, so I don’t even know where I might have picked it up from, but I say “That’s what she said!” way more than is advisable. I overuse it to the point where some friends of mine have suggested I write a TWSS moment into a novella. (Don’t worry: I haven’t managed to fit one in yet.) (That’s what she said!)

COMFORT FOOD: Anything fried, particularly empanadas or samosas. I completely adore mac & cheese. In fact, the one thing more excellent than mac & cheese is fried mac & cheese.

COMFORT READ: A Ring of Endless Light, by Madeleine L’Engle

YOUR PERFECT DAY: Starts with coffee and ends with a smile. 

WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON NOW?:  I’m currently working on the sequel to Spice and Smoke, Spice and Secrets. It’s a multicultural contemporary romance. Two couples — a pair of former sweethearts and a fiery talk show hostess and her producer — must work through lies, misgivings and past relationship baggage in order to find love. I also have a couple of other Bollywood/South Asian-themed romances up my sleeve. Let’s just say that I’m realllly excited about 2012!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Monday Movie Musings - Silent House

Let me state upfront that I am not a fan of horror movies. When I have a rare opportunity to go to a movie in the theater and need to choose a genre to see, horror would pretty much be at the bottom of the list.

And yet I saw Silent House the first week it was released.

(I blame Eric Sheffer Stevens. And Maia Strong, who made me go see it with her.)

(Okay, maybe I dragged Maia to the movie so I wouldn't have to go alone.)

(Yep, it's all Eric's fault.)

I've been tracking the film since it was in pre-production, as soon as ESS was cast. The single-shot technique intrigued me, and it was fascinating to listen to Eric talk about how filming it was different from other film experiences. But it was HORROR. Sob.

So I settled into my seat at the theater with more than a little trepidation. I was fully prepared to fling myself under the chair if necessary.

But you know what? I actually liked it.

(Unlike a lot of horror aficionados, apparently. So maybe I'm more its target audience than they are!)

I loved the one-shot technique, even though from time to time it caught my attention to the detriment of the actual scene (how the heck did they light that shot? Where's the cameraman hiding in this one?). I loved Eric's portrayal of the somewhat creepy uncle (though I fully acknowledge I am incapable of being objective when it comes to him. The man could read the phone book and I'd be utterly engrossed). I thought Elizabeth Olsen did a great job carrying the vast majority of the film on her shoulders. And I enjoyed puzzling out the clues throughout the film.

Was it perfect? Heck, no. And I can see why a horror fan might feel betrayed by the twist ending. But as a psychological suspense film, it really worked for me. So if you're looking for something a little different in that genre, you might want to give it a shot.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - Everything You've Got by Erin Nicholas

Erin Nicholas has a new book out, and it's a scorcher!

A girl, a guy, a set of handcuffs… What more could happily ever after possibly need?

Anything & Everything, Book 2

Luke Hamilton’s requirements for the perfect woman are straightforward: live, work and play in his beloved hometown—and get along with his mother. Dr. Kat Dayton’s got it all. And Luke’s noticed. It’s obvious to him that his long-time friend belongs with him, especially after the world-rocking kiss she lays on him at his birthday party.

While Kat can’t deny she’s imagined a kiss like that—and more—for years, she’s less convinced they’re destined for happily ever after. Still, Luke figures that’s nothing a friendly kidnapping and a three-day road trip won’t fix.

Kat would love to let Luke in, but if he discovers the truth—that committee meetings bore her to tears and she’d rather have a root-canal than go to another potluck—his white-picket-fence dreams will be crushed.

Being stuck in an RV with Luke should be three days of flirtatious fun, but for Kat it’s heavenly hell. The close confines and good old-fashioned lust are making a mockery of her perfect-woman façade, and if he finds out about the mistake that might cost her job—and force her to leave town for good—it’ll take more than a sexy pair of handcuffs to keep him close.

Warning: Contains a man who's willing to do anything for the perfect woman, an RV and surprise road-trip to help him prove it, and a woman who's wondering just what the hell she's gotten into.

So don't delay - go on and Buy It Now!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Reader's Fitness Challenge - Join In!

Late last year, I got a new day job, which I love. But in the process, I also stopped walking every day, which had been part of my routine for almost nine months. I was working full time, with a major commute, and I wasn't always around when my husband/walking partner was able to get his walk in.

Then there was the office situation. Until I took this job, I worked from home, so it wasn't quite as hard avoiding unhealthy treats - I just didn't buy them! Unfortunately, my new office mates were quite generous with their candy bowls and homemade snacks.

The combination managed to undo the hard work I'd done last year. Since March, I'd lost almost twenty pounds. As of last week, I've gained almost all of it back.

So I jumped at the chance to become a team leader for Lucy Monroe's Fitness Challenge. There are some great prizes, of course, but more important to me was the opportunity to be more accountable for healthy living. And I just know my team is going to kick butt. :)

So why not join in? Head on over to Lucy's page and sign up, and on April 1 we can start cheering each other on in our weight loss/healthy lifestyle pursuits.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Ten Reasons To Watch IHMTD Tonight!

Tonight marks the return of I Hate My Teenage Daughter to the FOX lineup. Sandwiched between Raising Hope and New Girl, it'll be part of the new Tuesday comedy block. So why should you add it to your viewing schedule tonight?

2. A fantastic ensemble cast that obviously enjoys working together.
3. Guest star Mark Consuelos.
5. A mention of telenovelas!
6. The cast members who tweet are really nice (and interact with fans).
7. Eric Sheffer Stevens and Kevin Rahm are goofy.
8. If you attend a filming, you'll get pizza.
9. It's only half an hour of your day. You can spare that, can't you?

Any questions? :)

I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER, Fox, Tuesdays, 8:30 pm. Be there!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Take A Chance On Me

Today's selection is from my January print release, Take A Chance On Me.


Tom nodded. “It’s cold, but it’s not that cold.” He reached out and pulled her coat collar closer together, tucking the fringes of her scarf around her neck to block out the wind.

She stilled, her eyes darkening as she stared at him. Tom’s grip tightened on her coat, his fingers clutching the fabric. Slowly, deliberately, he lowered his head to hers.

*You can find more Six Sentence Sunday authors here.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - A Rogue By Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean

What a scoundrel wants, a scoundrel gets. . .

A decade ago, the Marquess of Bourne was cast from society with nothing but his title. Now a partner in London's most exclusive gaming hell, the cold, ruthless Bourne will do whatever it takes to regain his inheritance—including marrying perfect, proper Lady Penelope Marbury.

A broken engagement and years of disappointing courtships have left Penelope with little interest in a quiet, comfortable marriage, and a longing for something more. How lucky that her new husband has access to an unexplored world of pleasures.

Bourne may be a prince of London's illicit underworld, but he vows to keep Penelope untouched by its wickedness—a challenge indeed as the lady discovers her own desires, and her willingness to wager anything for them . . . .even her heart.

I'm on a bit of an historical glom these days, so this one jumped out at me. Think I'll head on out and Buy It Now!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Untitled Rodeo Novella

Hello there! Welcome to my first ever Six Sentence Sunday post! Hope you enjoy.

This is an excerpt from the first chapter of my work in progress, an untitled rodeo-based novella.


Checking his watch again, he calculated that he had to stay here at least another half an hour before he could slip out without bringing down the wrath of the rodeo publicity guy. He could do that - as long as everyone left him the hell alone.

Five seconds later, a woman threw herself into his booth, landing on the bench seat across the table from him. Her brown hair was short and disheveled, her breath coming in short gasps. She reached across the table and grabbed his hand, clinging for all she was worth.

"I'll pay you a thousand dollars to be my boyfriend."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - Rule Of Three by Kelly Jamieson

If you follow the rules, you miss all the fun...

Kassidy is a good girl who wants to be bad. Dag is a bad boy who is very, very good. And Chris? He likes to watch...

When wicked-sexy Dag returns to Chicago to catch up with his old college buddy Chris and meet The Girlfriend, none of them are anticipating the unexpected turn of events that switches a loving twosome into a scorching hot threesome. As old feelings resurface, and new attractions are explored, a storm of sexual sparks is unleashed that leads them into forbidden areas.

Always the good girl, Kassidy blossoms under the attentions of two loving men, but neither she nor Chris are expecting the ménage to take a quarter turn toward Dag... and his feelings for Chris. When it's revealed that Dag's attraction to Chris is one big reason he left town, a tangled mess of old hurts and new feelings might destroy friendship. Love. Might destroy everything.

Warning: This book contains a couple already in love, a couple falling in love and a couple in love who didn't know it; also multiple scorching sex scenes including girl with boy, girl with two boys, boy with boy and two boys with girl...whew!

Mrowr! Sounds fabu, doesn't it? So why not rush on over to Samhain and Buy It Now?

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - Foreign Affair by Shelli Stevens

Revenge can be sweet...and oh so sexy.

Lena Richards’s whirlwind vacation to Europe with a friend is a welcome chance to shake her pre-wedding jitters—until she learns her high-school sweetheart is cheating on her, Hawaiian-style. Figuring all’s fair, she indulges in a fling of her own with a sexy New Yorker she meets in Amsterdam whose kiss blows her mind—and the lid off her hormones.

Tyler Bentz is wary that the petite bombshell, who only a short time ago insisted their one kiss must never happen again, has done a complete 180. His questions only make it clear she’s interested in probing of the sexual kind. Who is he to turn her down?

As they burn their way across Europe, something shifts, and it’s not just the earth moving with their exploding passion. Lena begins to realize what it really means to fall in love. And Tyler finds himself tumbling hard and fast.

Reality catches up with them in Paris, leaving Tyler to wonder if Lena’s really the one, or if he’s nothing more to her than a pawn in her game of revenge.

This book has been previously released.

Product Warnings

Americans misbehaving in Europe. An attraction more potent than any drug Amsterdam has to offer. A fling that breaks all the rules. And the creative, sensual use of Chinese takeout.
Sounds tres magnifique, no? So why not head over to Samhain and Buy It Now?

Sunday, February 05, 2012

A Rant, One Blog Removed

This weekend, I caught up on the latest RWA controversy, the More Than Magic contest sponsored by the RWI chapter. And decided to write about it. But today's my day to blog over at Nine Naughty Novelists, so I posted it there. Want to see what I had to say? Here you go!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Missing Wikipedia today? Or Reddit, I Can Haz Cheezburger, or Mozilla? They've gone dark to protest the Internet piracy bills under consideration by the US congress, SOPA and PIPA. These bills attempt to stop piracy, but are so broad and poorly-written they're like trying to kill a mosquito with a Howitzer.

I stand with the many, many interested parties who are working to stop these bills from becoming law. Find out more here.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winner! Winner!

To celebrate the print release of Take A Chance On Me, I've held a couple of contests lately, and it's time to announce the winners!

First, the winner from the Nine Naughty Novelists blog is


And the winner from my mini-blog-hop last week commented on Carrie Ann Ryan's blog. Congrats to


Just send me your address at kate AT kate-davies DOT com, and I'll send the signed print copy as soon as possible!

If you didn't win, thanks for entering - and if you'd like a romance trading card for Take A Chance On Me, send your addy to the same email and I'll send it your way.

Book BIN Tuesday - Bonds of Earth

You met GN Chevalier yesterday - now here's her debut book, out now!

In 1918, Michael McCready returned from the war with one goal: to lose himself in the pursuit of pleasure. Once a promising young medical student, Michael buried his dreams alongside the broken bodies of the men he could not save. After fleeing New York to preserve the one relationship he still values, he takes a position as a gardener on a country estate, but he soon discovers that the house hides secrets and sorrows of its own. While Michael nurses the estate’s neglected gardens, his reclusive employer dredges up reminders of the past Michael is desperate to forget.

John Seward’s body was broken by the war, along with his will to recover until a family crisis convinces him to pursue treatment. As John’s health and outlook improve under Michael’s care, animosity yields to understanding. He and John find their battle of wills turning into something stronger, but fear may keep them from finding hope and healing in each other.

You can get a copy of Bonds Of Earth here. So why not hop on over and Buy It Now?

Monday, January 09, 2012

Meet The Author Monday - GN Chevalier

NAME: G N Chevalier

BLOG: http://gn-chevalier.dreamwidth.org/

TITLE OF FIRST BOOK:  Bonds of Earth

RELEASE DATE: January 9th

FAVORITE WRITING STORY/SAYING/MEMORY:  I think it would have to be the first time I finished writing a scene and realized I wasn't entirely sure where all the dialogue had come from. I don't have a supernatural theory of writing, but it certainly does feel like the characters are taking over your brain now and then. Interestingly, those lines of dialogue are usually the ones that people quote back to me as their favourites, so I don't question it.

FAVORITE NON-WRITING STORY/SAYING/MEMORY: Thinking about this, it occurred to me that a lot of my favourite memories are tied in with music – either jamming with friends or listening to some of the great musicians I've been lucky enough to see over the years. There are those perfect moments where everything comes together and you feel it right in your gut.

COMFORT FOOD: Hand cut fries and a hot dog steamé with some home-brewed bière épinette (spruce beer) – going right back to my French Canadian roots.

COMFORT READ: I have so many! Basically, I love anything where two lonely people find one another, especially when it has characters  so vividly drawn that you're completely invested in their journey.

YOUR PERFECT DAY: A drive in the country, some good food, good wine, and then back home to curl up on the couch and watch a classic film or read a satisfying book.

WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON NOW?:  At the moment, a charity story I owe to a very kind friend, but hope to be starting on some research for the next novel soon.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - Take A Chance on Me PRINT!

It's here! Take A Chance On Me is finally available in print. For the first time, I have a single title release in paperback. I've had other print titles before, but they've all been collections. I'm so chuffed!
Accept no substitute…for love.

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

Jessica Martin is determined to earn a permanent teaching position at Summit High School. That means hard work, dedication, and even volunteering extra time to direct the school’s Shakespeare play. Which leaves no room for romance—especially with a co-worker. She didn't factor in the school's sexy security officer and the delicious fantasies he inspires.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Former cop Tom Cameron likes his job. Or he did, until the new substitute busted his orderly life right open. Now, he can’t seem to avoid her—deserted hallways, empty theaters, classrooms after dark—but he’s got too many skeletons in his closet to risk his heart again. Asking her out to distract her from the play’s, well, drama is a friendly gesture. Nothing more.

The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth

Their chemistry could melt down the science lab, and before long they’re burning up the sheets off-campus. And uncovering raw emotions—a stark reminder that love isn’t in their curricula. When a troubled student goes over the edge, though, the need to stop a tragedy brings them right back where they started—face to face with fate.

Warning: This book contains sexy encounters in classrooms, inappropriate use of school facilities, backstage shenanigans, and illicit activities on a ferryboat.

To celebrate, I'm doing a short blog hop this week. Tomorrow, I'll be on Lissa Matthews' blog; Thursday I'll be visiting Carrie Ann Ryan; and Friday I'm stopping by Louisa Bacio's place. And if you comment here or on any of those blog posts, anytime between now and Saturday, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a signed copy of Take A Chance On Me. (If the winner is from outside the US, the ebook will be substituted.)
And if you want a copy RIGHT NOW, here's where you can find it:
Samhain (best price!)
Barnes and Noble