Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hometown Heroes - Available Now!

Hometown Heroes: Hotter Ever After

Today is official release day for Hometown Heroes, which includes my all new contemporary romance, Deceiving Dante! All the proceeds go to Pets for Vets, so pick up 16 great novels for one low price of $1.99, and support an amazing charity at the same time. Hope you enjoy the books!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Countdown to Hometown (Heroes) - Meet Dante DiMarco

Hero's Name: Dante DiMarco

Hero's Occupation: Police Officer

What Makes Him a Hero: He's a great cop, but a better person. He'll listen when someone has a different viewpoint, even if he doesn't agree. And even in the face of tragedy, providing stability for his daughter is his top priority.

Meet The Hero Paragraph: "This way," he murmured, placing his hand in the small of her back. It was a light, gentle touch, ostensibly impersonal, but she felt the heat and power of it all the way down to her toes. He guided her to the left, leading her to a tidy, well-maintained desk half-concealed by partitions. She took a seat across from the desk, wildly grateful for the chair beneath her. 

He sat down at his desk, leaning back and crossing his legs. An odd combination of patience and coiled strength, Dante looked like nothing less than a wild cat waiting for his prey.

This was not the time to start feeling like a gazelle.

Hometown Heroes: Hotter Ever After

Book Title: Deceiving Dante

Author's Name: Kate Davies

About the book: It’s totally Monday when teacher Elinor Callahan discovers a stolen car on her lawn. Then policeman Dante DiMarco comes knocking and life gets worse. Her favorite student is accused, she’s implicated as an accessory, and her job is in jeopardy. Plus, erotic daydreams about the officer complicate her situation.

Dante’s seen too much to buy into na├»ve Elinor’s “my-student-is-innocent” line. The suspect runs, reinforcing Dante’s view. Still, Elinor’s faith in her student makes him look again – never mind he’s checking out sexy-as-hell Ellie, too. He wants the case closed and Ellie in bed, ASAP, but life threatens to derail their attraction.


True story: back when my husband was still in the classroom, he had a group of students who used to tease that they were going to boost a '68 Firebird and leave it on our front lawn, because they knew it was his favorite car. They never did - but I got a really fun plot bunny out of it. They were also the inspiration for Shawn and Ana. So thanks, guys!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Countdown to Hometown (Heroes) - Meet Duncan Forbes

Hero's Name: Duncan Forbes

Hero's Occupation: Art history lecturer by day, he hunts for stolen treasures by night

What Makes Him a Hero: Duncan likes to right wrongs, whether it means returning a stolen painting to its rightful owners or making sure that bad guys get punished. He's gorgeous in a disheveled way, his work hunting down and returning stolen artwork has made him rich, and he's got a soft spot for a woman in trouble. Even if she IS trouble.

Meet The Hero Paragraph: A wanderer, that’s what he looked like. She imagined that sun-streaked hair blowing in the wind, the blue eyes squinting at the horizon, and smiled to herself. Not any wanderer. A pirate. A modern-day pirate with plunder in his blood, who took without asking. He’d certainly helped himself to the view up her skirt without permission.

Hometown Heroes: Hotter Ever After

Book Title: Wild Ride: A Changing Gears Novel

Author's Name: Nancy Warren

About the book: Alexandra Forrest is a dedicated librarian. She's also a very sexy woman who likes to wear high heels and tight clothes. She's breaking the librarian stereotype and loving every minute of it. When a hot, sexy drifter rolls into her library, she senses he's trouble. But even she can't imagine that she'll soon be stumbling over a dead body in her library and that nothing in her well-ordered life will ever be the same again. 

Duncan Forbes is known as the Indiana Jones of the art world. He loves nothing better than to ride into danger and ride out with treasure. He's a wealthy man thanks to his side hustle, and a respected one thanks to his day job as a college art professor. When stolen art, murder, motorcycles and hot love combine the result is likely to be a wild ride. 

Other books in the Changing Gears series include Fast Ride and Crazy Ride.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Countdown to Hometown (Heroes) - Meet Mark Colby

Hero's Name: Mark Colby

Hero's Occupation: Chief of Police of Coho, Washington (small, historic logging town on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State)

What Makes Him a Hero:  He’s dedicated his life to public service and protecting others

Meet The Hero Paragraph: Libby took another step closer and planted her hands on her hips. “You’ve spent more time trying to convince me I’m crazy than investigating my call. What kind of cop are you?”

Mark had given her an easy out, and she’d not only refused it, she’d gone on the attack. He leaned toward her. “I’m the kind of cop who questions a victim’s story about a stolen vehicle when that vehicle is found fifty yards from where it was allegedly taken.” He held up a hand and ticked off his reasons one by one. “A vehicle with a cold engine, a full tank of gas, not hot-wired, and with no sign of forced entry. The kind of cop who answers a suspicious circumstances call when the victim has a flat tire with a nail and assumes it’s a set-up because she hears rustling and gasping from bushes that show no evidence of anyone being there. I’m the kind of cop who follows that victim home and checks out her house for her. This is the same victim who refuses to tell me who she suspects is threatening her.”

The distance between them could be measured in inches. The heat between them could boil water. “So, you want to tell me about Aaron Brady now, or do we just call it a day?”
Hometown Heroes: Hotter Ever After
Book Title: Grave Danger
Author's Name: Rachel Grant
About the book: She’s being stalked… 

After struggling to recover from a career-crippling mistake, archaeologist Libby Maitland has landed the project of her dreams—a data recovery excavation in a picturesque, historic sawmill town. Tasked with digging up secrets of the town’s founding family, Libby soon learns that nothing in Coho, Washington, is as idyllic as it seems.  

She’s barely settled into her new home when suspicious events make her believe she’s being stalked... 

Or maybe she’s losing her mind. 

Coho Police Chief Mark Colby can’t decide if Libby is crazy or if she has her own twisted agenda, but the deeper he delves into her past, the more intrigued he becomes. Even as he and Libby grow closer, he can’t quite let his initial suspicion go. 

When Libby’s life is threatened, they must work together to determine if the truth about her stalker is buried in her past, or if the answers can be found in the layers of the excavation.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Countdown To Hometown (Heroes) - Meet Adam Ford

Hero's Name: Adam Ford

Hero's Occupation: Ex Army soldier just returned from Afghanistan

What Makes Him a Hero: American Soldier.  Saved lives of six soldiers from sniper fire, three died later

Meet The Hero Paragraph: In the doorway stood the most stunning man she’d ever laid eyes on.  Never again would she roll her eyes at the mention of the word "breathtaking."  His penetrating blue gaze took her in. Didn't just look at her eyes, but dove into them.

He stood about six foot three, but it was not his height alone that made him impressive. It was the massive expanse of his shoulders, the broad muscular chest, thick-corded neck and square jawline. It took a moment to realize they both stood staring at one another without speaking.

He didn’t seem discomfited at her silence, but stood like a statue. If not for the barely noticeable lifting and lowering of his chest she’d think him not real.  Long lashed grey blue eyes met hers. They darkened to a deeper blue and his nostrils flared just enough to let her know he was attracted. Tesha flushed under the intense scrutiny, and the raw attraction she felt instantly. The haze in her mind somewhat lifted and she held her right hand out to him.  “Hello. I’m Tesha Washington. Your new neighbor.”

Hometown Heroes: Hotter Ever After

Book Title: Even Heroes Cry

Author's Name: Hildie McQueen

About the book: Military vet Adam Ford returns to his hometown a damaged hero—the war stole his best friend and left him with severe PTSD. Every day is a challenge as he struggles to reconstruct his life. When a tempting beauty moves in next door, Adam’s world is turned upside down and he doesn’t appreciate it.

After losing the love of her life in Iraq, Tesha Washington runs away from everything she’s ever known and escapes to a small town where she takes on the challenges of restoring an old Victorian house. Out of options, she turns to her reclusive neighbor 
for help.

As Tesha slowly draws Adam out of the shell that used to be a man, she also learns there really is such a thing as starting over. Together they discover the healing power of love and a bond to last a lifetime.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Countdown to Hometown (Heroes) - Meet Brody Jenson

Hero's Name: Brody Jenson

Hero's Occupation: Security for Middle-Eastern Contractor

What Makes Him a Hero: Brody is a wounded warrior fulfilling a promise to his dead comrade. 

Meet the Hero Paragraph: The tight-lipped stranger had limped into the bar for the first time two weeks ago. He came in almost every night, sat at the end of the bar, nursed one beer. He didn’t talk much despite the efforts of the club’s most gregarious members. She’d overheard enough to know he’d been injured in the Middle East and was going back as a civilian contractor in a few months, and she’d seen enough to feature his handsome face and incredible body in her late-night fantasies.
Hometown Heroes: Hotter Ever After

Book Title: Madrona Sunset (Madrona Island Series)

Author's Name: Jami Davenport

About the book: Welcome to Sunset Harbor, Washington, nestled on beautiful and remote Madrona Island where the main entertainment on Friday nights is a high school football game, everyone knows everyone's business, the pace is slow, and the residents wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Meet a wounded warrior suffering from paralyzing guilt and a woman pining for her dead husband--both damaged souls craving comfort for a moment or a lifetime.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Countdown to Hometown (Heroes) - Meet Alex Trahern

Hero's Name: Alex Trahern  

Hero's Occupation: Hi Tech Security & Business Consultant

What Makes Him a Hero: Alex is the guy you go to when you need help.  He's in the business of saving companies from internal and external threats and Alex is very good at what he does.  He's fiercely loyal to his family and his friends.  He expects the same kind of loyalty back, but it's worth it to have this man in your corner.

Meet the Hero Paragraph: Alex had considered pursuing a career in the field of arbitrage.  His dad had suggested he would be happier participating in the hunt than in the kill.  He’d been right.  Providing information that could help companies grow and change the landscape of the hi-tech industry was a deeply satisfying job.  He’d discovered that the power to build up was more satisfying than that to tear down, hence the fact that he seldom took on corporate raiders as clients.  Guy St. Clair was one of those exceptions.  Alex looked forward to being in on the kill, the hostile takeover of Hypertron, with the primal anticipation of a predator ready to bring down its prey.
Hometown Heroes: Hotter Ever After

Book Title: CHANGE THE GAME (formerly released as Come Up and See Me Sometime, now with previously deleted scenes)

Author's Name: Lucy Monroe

About the book: Like father, like daughter.

That’s what businessman Alex Trahern thinks about Isabel Harrison. If the prestigious headhunter thinks she can steal his top employee, just like her father stole his dad’s ideas, she’s dead wrong. Alex is always a man with a plan, and his plan is to get revenge on John Harrison through his daughter. But there’s no contingency plan for the impact Isabel’s sparkling green eyes and honey brown hair have on the decidedly non-business side of his brain…

If at first you don’t succeed, change the game.

After some relationship flameouts, Isabel’s decided to leave love out of it and approach her search for a husband like finding a suitable job candidate. And according to her list of requirements, Alex Trahern certainly has potential. He’s sexy. (Check.) Forceful and fascinating. (Check, check.) Also arrogant, obnoxious, and way too hot for her own good. (Erase. Start over.) Now, if only she could find out what he’s really after…

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Countdown to Hometown (Heroes) - Meet Jason Sherwood

Hero's Name: Jason Sherwood 

Hero's Occupation: Movie Star

What Makes Him a Hero: What I love about Jason isn’t that he’s a movie star as much as the fact that he started out with nothing, and worked his way to the top. Sure some of his success is attributable to luck, but he worked hard and sacrificed a lot to get where he is. He is, above all, determined. You can see that when he makes his decision to win Gina back. Beyond that, he’s a loyal friend, a wonderful man and let’s face it, he looks super hot in a kilt.

Meet the Hero Paragraph: He was tall. Much taller than he’d been. And broad. His shoulders were breathtaking. And his muscles—muscles the boy had not had, honed through years of working out for parts, no doubt—filled his tight black T-shirt. She ripped her gaze away from the tantalizing bulges to the lines of his face. Gawd. Tantalizing there too. His lips—which she remembered, tasted still—full and lush. His dark eyes were fringed with sinful lashes. The scar on his right eyebrow, the dimples, the curve of his cheek.

It was difficult to breathe.

Hometown Heroes: Hotter Ever After

Book Title: Heartbreak on a Stick

Author's Name: Sabrina York

About the book: When A-List movie star Jason Sherwood returns to the hometown that once rejected him, he has one goal in mind: Getting revenge on the woman who broke his heart so many years ago. But when he discovers his assumptions about her were wrong, he only wants to win her back. Hopefully, it’s not too late.

Gina Fox has always pined for her high school lover…and now he has returned, turning her world upside down. But life isn’t as simple now as it was then. And she can’t get over the fact that Jason walked away from her without a word. When he launches a sultry seduction, she tries, with everything in her, to resist…because at his core, Jason is nothing but heartbreak on a stick.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Countdown To Hometown (Heroes) - Meet Nick Rossetti

Hero's Name: Nick Rossetti

Hero's Occupation: LAPD Homicide Detective 

What Makes Him a Hero: Nick doesn’t follow the rules, if the rules aren’t keeping someone safe.

Meet The Hero Paragraph: 
Nick Rossetti.

A rush of emotions swept through her, the strongest of which was relief.  Still wearing the tattered pants and T-shirt, his jaw blackened for need of a shave, his ebony hair mussed, his chocolate eyes weary, he was a drop dead gorgeous sight.

Hometown Heroes: Hotter Ever After


Author's Name: Adrianne Lee

About the book: HIS ONLY DESIRE: Her only hope. For Desire Hamilton, the mysterious death of her twin sister had left too many questions unanswered...and one obsessed stalker intent on claiming her as his own. Scared and alone, Desire had no place to turn—until her old flame, homicide cop Nick Rossetti, offered her a place in his protective embrace...

She was the only woman he'd ever loved—and the one he could never have. Now, regardless of their past, Nick would do whatever it took to keep Desire safe. . .even if it meant putting himself in the line of fire. But how could he protect the fragile beauty when all he wanted to do was make her His Only Desire.

Where to find the author:

Monday, September 08, 2014

Countdown to Hometown (Heroes) - Meet Mase Barnett

Hero's Name: Mase Barnett

Hero's Occupation: Small town police officer

What Makes Him a Hero: Mase was wounded saving civilian lives in an attempted bank robbery in his little town. But he's also a man who's willing to set his own disappointments aside to help his lady when she needs him. Like a true hero, he puts his loved ones first at crunch time.

One paragraph: Mase's presence, big and solid, was the last straw. Bursting into tears, Natalie threw herself into his arms. He gathered her close and held her, head on his shoulder, his arms around her, rocking her gently from side to side as she cried it all out. When finally her tears were spent, he shuffled them to one side far enough to rip a handful of paper towels from the dispenser and hand them to her to mop her face.

“All right,” he said, his voice a comforting rasp in her ear, “here’s what we’re gonna do. Dave took my truck. I’m gonna drive your rig to my place. You’re gonna spend the night. We’re gonna get up in the morning, make breakfast and then we’ll talk. We'll figure this out, baby. Count on it.”

Hometown Heroes: Hotter Ever After

Book Title:  She's Worth It All (book 4 of the Club 3 series)

Author's Name: Cathryn Cade

About the book: He's a hometown hero with a secret. She has a broken heart only a strong man can heal.
Will he risk everything to show her she's worth it all?
Mase Barnett is a cop, a hero who nearly died to keep his small town safe. The eyes of his hometown are always on him. But he’s also a man with a secret—one he takes across the river to the big city. Inside the private walls of Club 3, he’s free to be what he is … a Dom. And a man who likes it hot and public.

After the highly public breakup of her marriage, Natalie Cusco only wants to keep her head down while she makes a new life for herself. She trusts Mase with her body, but will this brash, cocky man help mend her damaged heart or break it again, this time forever? 

Where to find the author:

Friday, September 05, 2014

Countdown to Hometown (Heroes) - Starts Monday!

It's less than a month until the Hometown Heroes charity bundle is released, and we're gearing up to share 16 full length contemporary romances with you! To get ready for release day, I'll be sharing one hero a day each weekday here on the blog. Get to know the men our heroines will be falling for. And each comment on or share of any post will enter you to win great prizes - downloads of backlist titles, print books, and more! So be sure to stop by each day to meet a different Hometown Hero. You'll love them as much as we do!

Presenting a contemporary romance bundle of 16 novels with happily-ever-after endings, including previously published readers' favorites and brand-new material 

They’re all hometown heroes, guys from small towns who’ve made a name for themselves, big or small, who’ve withstood the odds and risen to the challenge, who are heroes in their own right.
This Pets for Vets charity bundle is available for a limited time at a discount of $1.99. 

Don't forget to stop by Monday - and every weekday - to meet a different hero from one of the 16 books in Hometown Heroes. By the time the 30th rolls around, you'll be ready to dive right in! :)