Friday, July 31, 2015

Eric Sheffer Stevens - Q & A

Around December of last year, I was invited to post the following Q & A with Eric Sheffer Stevens on the blog. The questions and answers were compiled by some fans in the Netherlands, who shared them with me. Unfortunately, due to life circumstances, I totally dropped the ball on getting them transcribed and posted - until now. A couple of the questions are out of date (sorry, Eye Candy) but hopefully you'll still enjoy the info.

Q: Which is harder to do, Shakespeare or Caryl Churchill and why?
A: Churchill is more difficult. There was a time I would say Shakespeare, but I am so familiar with his language and I've studied it for so long that this is no longer the case. I chose to do the Churchill play because it was so intimidating and challenging and I didn't know what the heck to do with it. I trusted I would figure it out over the four weeks of rehearsal.

Q: You've just portrayed Edmund. Do you have a favourite scene or favourite lines of his character in King Lear?
A: Favorite lines or close to it. The speech that begins, "This is the excellent foppery of the world." Act I Scene 2 Lines 118-132(ish).

Q: You played three clones in A Number. To which of the three do you relate the most as an actor and/or as a person?
A: Back to Churchill, the third character was my favorite to play - such a fun character to get into and close the play with.

Q: Did you dive yourself in the episode of Dive in Criminal Intent?
A: I did not dive in Criminal Intent. I don't think...

Q: I've read a lot about New Yorkers being different from other Americans. Do you agree and if so, how would you describe the difference?
A: Yes. Definitely. New Yorkers are different than Americans. New Yorkers live on an island off the coast of the U.S. - there are similarities but it is its own country.

Q: What do you prefer: stage, commercials, movies or TV?
A: I prefer stage, but enjoy all forms to varying degrees.

Q: Do you teach drama or literature?
A: I don't teach anything.

Q: We were really surprised to find a CD from Les Miserables and heard your voice. Did you do more projects like this?
A: The Les Mis project was a friend's that I did a long time ago - I've done nothing like it since.

Q: Can you give us more info about your role in the MTV series Eye Candy, you are playing Hamish?
A: The only thing I can say about Eye Candy is that it premieres at the beginning of the year.

So there you have it! Only half a year late. My apologies to Eric and the fans who so graciously allowed me to publish this. I hope it was worth the wait!