Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book BIN Wednesday - Rose And Thorn by Maia Strong

My fantabulous CP, Maia Strong, has a new book out, and it's great. Take a peek!

Eamon Quinn is an actor with designs on a position with Rose & Thorn Theatrics. As a new university graduate, he's up to the acting challenge. He's not so sure he's up to facing life in the big city. That is, until he finds a friend in Jasper Davison. Jasper is intrigued by Eamon, sure that he's a fellow mountain-born soul, which is something Jasper's been missing in coastal Yanuk. When both men are hired by Rose & Thorn, the kindred spirits soon become lovers--and catch the eye of the company's head apprentice, HJ Greenhills.

Bad luck plagues the theatre--accidents, injuries, and a sudden death--leading to rumors of a curse. Weaving sexual energy with Druid magic, Eamon and Jasper seek the truth behind the rumors. But confirming the curse is only the first hurdle. They need to figure out who cast it and how to end it before it causes more harm. Even together, the two men aren't strong enough. Druid magic works best in threes, and so they seek HJ's help to lift the curse. The three put their bodies and energies together to call up the magic they need to try and set things right.

I was lucky enough to read this a few months back, and LOVED it. You should definitely head on over to Torquere and Buy It Now!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You Could Win!

My author copies of the print version of Take A Chance On Me showed up the other day, and I'm celebrating over on Nine Naughty Novelists. Stop by there to comment, and you'll have a chance to win a copy!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Book BIN Tuesday - Holiday Magic (The Gift Of Love)

Out now, a duo of holiday stories to warm your heart.

Priceless Love

"For Richer, For Poorer."

Taylor Hamilton, dissatisfied with a life designed by her parents, attends a friend's fall wedding and finds small town life agrees with her. The problem is, her wealth doesn't agree with the man she falls for. Is their love strong enough to find a bridge of trust where money isn't an issue?

Healing Love

"In Sickness and in Health."
Nicole Milbourne's single-minded focus on a medical research career is thrown for a loop when charismatic Dr. Damien Reed shows her there's more to life than studying diseases. Will an unexpected Christmas fill Nicole's lonely heart and show her the healing power of love?

This collection by two great authors, Lavada Dee and Laurie Ryan, is sure to hit the holiday spot. So why not head out and Buy It Now?

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Book BIN Tuesday - An Alpha's Path

Yesterday, you met Carrie Ann Ryan. Today, take a peek at her debut book!

Melanie is a twenty-five year old chemist who has spent all of her adult life slaving at school. With her PhD in hand, she's to start her dream job, but before she does, her friend persuades her to relax and try to live again. A blind date set up through her friends seems like the perfect solution. Melanie can take one night away from the lab and let her inner vixen out on a fixed blind date - a chance to get crazy with a perfect stranger. The gorgeous hunk she's to meet exceeds her wildest dreams – be he is more than what he appears and Melanie's analytical mind goes into overdrive.

Kade, a slightly older werewolf (at over one hundred years), needs a night way from the Pack. Too many responsibilities and one near miss with a potential mate made Kade hide in his work, the only peace he can find. His brother convinces him to meet the sexy woman for a one night of fun. What could it hurt? But when he finds this woman could be his mate, can he convince her to leave her orderly, sane world and be with him and his wolf-half, for life?

Sounds fabulous, no? So why not head on out and Buy It Now?

Monday, December 05, 2011

Meet The Author Monday - Carrie Ann Ryan

NAME: Carrie Ann Ryan

TITLE OF FIRST BOOK: An Alpha’s Path – Book 1 of the Redwood Pack Series

RELEASE DATE: Dec 5th, 2011

FAVORITE WRITING STORY/SAYING/MEMORY: My favorite writing memory is when I sat down for NanoWriMo the first time and realized I could actually put words on paper. My fingers typed frantically as the words flowed. It was then I realized I could be a writer – no I was a writer.

FAVORITE NON-WRITING STORY/SAYING/MEMORY: My favorite non writing memory is the day after finals of one of my Chemistry lectures. A young girl came up to me crying and threw herself in my arms. She told me the reason she passed was because I helped her. Then I told her she did it herself because she had it in her. That girl is in her first year of medical school now, and I would be honored to be her patient.

COMFORT FOOD: Rice Krispie Treats and M&Ms. (Yum!) Oh and a Coke. I’m trying to cut back, but mmm....

COMFORT READ: Cry Wolf - Alpha and Omega Book 1, by Patricia Briggs. I love Charles! I see myself in Anna, and want to comfort her.

YOUR PERFECT DAY: Wake up late, eat breakfast in bed with the hubby. Have some good food cooking in the Crockpot as I read a good book out in the warm day. Now that sounds lazy, but so amazing!

WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON NOW?: A Taste for a Mate – Book 2 of the Redwood Pack Series. (Jasper’s Story)