Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Book BIN Tuesday - Getting to the Church on Time by Erin Nicholas

There's a new Sapphire Falls book! Check it out!

It’s just days before Christmas, almost a year since Levi Spencer and Kate Leggot accidentally fell in love in Sapphire Falls, and they want to make it official. Surrounded by friends and family in their adopted hometown, Kate and Levi will marry and celebrate in the town square where they shared their first kiss. It will be absolutely perfect… 

Except for the massive snowstorm about to hit town. 

Now, thanks to Jack Frost and multiple flight cancellations, Levi and Kate are separated by hundreds of miles. It looks like all the wedding preparations will go to waste. 

But Sapphire Falls always looks on the bright side. And they don’t cancel a perfectly good party, even for Jack Frost. 

There will be a wedding… the only question is who will be walking down the aisle? 

Sounds like fun! Why not hop on over to your nearest online retailer and Buy It Now?

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