Monday, April 09, 2007

Book BIN Tuesday -- Ellie's Dream

See, this is what happens when I go on vacation. I completely lose track of time, and miss out on pimping a great new book on its release day!

But I'm making up for lost time now. Margaret Wilson, a debut author with Samhain and Awe-struck Books, has two books out this month (one at each publisher) and the first, Ellie's Dream, released last week at Samhain.
Here's the blurb:
The last thing Ellie Newman expected to see was her husband wrapped in the arms of a blonde.
Talk about a wake-up call.
With her son almost grown, her job a bore and a husband whose hobbies don’t include her, she is ready for a change.
Out of the blue, Ellie gets a chance to live another life when she goes to New York City for the summer to escape her problems. She gets a job of sorts, pet-sitting for her friend’s cousin.
She loves New York. The parks, the food, the museums, the clubs all beckon. The only annoyance is Seth, the beast who unexpectedly shares the apartment.
Seth wants her to leave. Women are trouble and he needs to focus on his music. But she is hard to ignore, especially after they discover a mutual love of jazz. Ellie is up for a fling. After all, who can resist such a bad boy?
Ellie’s Dream is about finding your heart, finding your passion and letting go.
So there you have it. Book BIN Tuesday, one week late. Hope you enjoy!


Stacy~ said...

La la la, I can't hear you, or read this because my hands are covering my eyes. I really don't need to add to the tbr mountain right now LOL.

Kate Davies said...

You crack me up, Stacy! Seriously, Margie is a great writer -- we've done some critiquing together in the past -- and I really don't think you can go wrong with one of her books.

Good luck scaling the TBR mountain!

M-dith said...

I'm loving this cover art. Ellie looks like she's got some sass and more than a little snark to her. And you know how I love sass and snark. :D