Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #13 -- Sports Edition!

Thirteen Things in my Van Right Now

1. Four doodle boards in varying states of disrepair.
2. Safeway bag full of individually packaged snack food -- fruit snacks, goldfish crackers, granola bars, etc., etc.
3. DVD player, currently playing Happy Feet.
4. Packaging for Happy Feet, which just arrived in the mail a few days ago.
5. Too many happy meal toys to count.
6. My First Leap Pad, hiding under the back seat.
7. Two kids, one watching the movie, the other getting out of his seat to complain every few minutes. (Van's not moving, of course.)
8. A Dana, which I'm using to write this TT list.
9. Two partial manuscripts I should be editing.
10. The Entertainment Book of coupons, which is out of its pocket and on the middle passenger seat, because the kids like to "borrow" it and flip through the pages looking for favorite restaurants.
11. Two calculators, which is one too few as far as the three kids are concerned.
12. Fastpitch bag for the kid currently practicing out there in the rain.
13. Me, counting the minutes until practice is over.

I don't really blame the complainer. Heck, I think hanging out at someone else's practice is kinda boring, and I'm the mom. Poor kid has to attend every practice and game for both of his older siblings.

But I'll sure be glad when fastpitch season is over! :)


Xilly said...

Hi, nice to meet you. Happy TT!

Christine said...

We bought Happy Feet for our toddler - sorry to say, we just couldn't get into it.

I can totally relate to the assortment of stuff in your vehicle. We have everything from snacks to diapers to books to extra sets of clothes for our little chicken. Oh yes, and a portable DVD player for longer trips.

YellowRose said...

I remember those days....

Nice to meet you! Happy TT!

Ingrid said...

hey!!! 2 calculators in your van??? oh my, you must be calculating too much dough there!!! :) :) that's cool!!! great T13 list for this week!

she said...

Happy Feet is such an adorable movie. I don't blame the complainer one bit - other people's practices are always more boring than our own!

Jon Tillman said...

And here I am sad that football season in the UK is coming to an end soon...