Friday, April 27, 2007

Help! Dinner Ideas Needed!

So this week is the start of the new fastpitch season, also known as "eating fast food every %)$% night" season. We've been schlepping our two girls to practice for a few weeks now, but usually one of us can stay home with the other kids and get dinner started. But now that games are starting, there'll be no more "you stay home and put the casserole in at 5:30, okay?"

Because we have to GO to the games. ALL of them. And cheer the little athletes on.

Which would be fine, if the games weren't RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF DINNER TIME.

Seriously, a 5:30 start time? for the eldest, we have to be there 45 minutes in advance for warm-ups. That puts us at the field by quarter to five. Game's over, if we're lucky, by 7 or 7:30. By the time we're all back in the car, ready to go home, it's so late we can't even think about cooking. But the idea of drive-through cuisine three to four nights a week for the next month and a half is giving me hives.

So I'm pleading with you. If you have a great make-ahead meal, something that can be pulled out of the fridge and plopped on the table (or dumped in the crock-pot hours in advance, but ready to eat when we get home), please share it here!

My family -- and pocketbook -- will thank you.

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m-dith said...

This may sound like a cop-out, but seriously, Rachael Ray's 30-minute meals are that easy and fast. I'll email you some of my faves a litle later--when I'm thinking clearer and completely free of jet-lag. Meantime, just go to and pick 30-Minute Meals from the dropdown show list.