Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Book BIN Tuesday -- Game of Love

Ooh, I love pimping debut authors. And when the author in question is a member of my local RWA chapter and a friend, it's even better!

Jeannie James is a new author with Cerridwen Press, and her first book, Game of Love, was released last Thursday. Here's the blurb:

Impetuous and adventurous, Micki Vaughn is only in Seattle for four more months before she moves on to another town and another job.

Adam, carefree and debonair, doesn't believe in forming long-term attachments. But a brief, passionate affair with intriguing and elusive Micki is too tempting to resist.

By Micki's reckoning the timing is ideal. They'd have a few weeks getting to know each other, a few weeks of passion, a few weeks getting bored. He'd lose interest and they could part with no tears shed. It was going to be the perfect affair for both of them.

Until the past Micki is running from catches up to her and Adam learns she's lying. Micki knows she can't face the truth. Now she only hopes she can keep Adam at bay until it's time to disappear again.


Sounds great, huh? Well, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Cerridwen and Buy It Now!

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Diane Craver said...

Great post! I like the cover and title.

I shouldn't drink wine when I go to my friends' blogs - sorry. You were right. I was on my blog writing about what happened at VT, then I just clicked on your link from my blog so went to what I thought was the last post where you tagged me.

Or should I play the old age card? My kids don't allow that! LOL